LastPass Bug - Too Many Matching Sites

If, like me, you are laughable dependent on LastPass, you may have noticed your FireFox browser acting weird as shit this morning (that’s a technical term). Apparently a bug in the latest update of LP for FF has broken the site-matching algorithm, meaning the Plugin now tries to match every single website you open with every single password you’ve ever saved.

In addition to more or less breaking things like autofill, this also has the awesome benefit of hanging your browser window every time you try to interact with LastPass–say, clicking the little “expand available usernames/passwords” icon in username/password fields, or, in my case, RIGHT CLICKING ANY GODDAMN THING (LP installs itself in your Right-Click menu).

Discussion is here on their forums.

And, to note, this is already fixed in the .24a update that hit in the last hour or so. Force-updating your plugin from within its Extension screen in FF should fix the issue.

I’m still running version 3.x. The 4.x Lastpass plugin for Firefox is literally worse than Hitler.

It touched me in my no-no place.

Whereas Hitler touched you in your heart?

I mean, he’s just got such a beautiful singing voice

v4 in Chrome, and Android, has treated me pretty well.

It invaded your Poland?

In a manner of speaking, yes it did.

There was a security hole/bug with the Firefox addon that was just patched:

Yep, it only affected version 4.x of the extension.