LastPass premium up to 36 bucks?

Just last year they went to $24/year.

Did I read somewhere that you can go back to the free version and still have it work on iOS and Android? If so I’m doing that.

Yes, they put most features people have any reason to care about on the free version while simultaneously jacking up the paid price. It’s still baffling to me.

I initially purchased the premium but now I am on free and it works on my iPhone, etc. as well as my PC.

LogMeIn ruins another product.

No, the product remains unchanged.

It’s now the exact same price as 1Password, with the key differentiator being that there’s very little reason to pay for Lastpass and 1Password doesn’t offer a free version at all.

They must have figured that anyone willing to pay wasn’t price-sensitive, because there’s very little reason to pay, so why not charge the going rate, same as 1Password? This reasoning seems pretty sound to me.

Isn’t sharing restricted in the free version? My wife and I use Lastpass to share passwords between us.

I believe you can still share passwords with the free version, but only with one other user. You can share entire folders with lastpass family.

Oh wait turns out I cancelled my premium a few years ago and never noticed, hah.

My general rule of thumb with free things on the internet is if they are doing it for free then I am probable the product. That’s a creepy idea for a company that saves my passwords.

True enough, but unless Lastpass is straight-up lying, they have no way to get at my passwords, they’re end-to-end encrypted.

You guys should switch to Bitwarden. It’s free, open source and far superior to the competition.

Bitwarden is a good option now that it passed a code audit, but it doesn’t support fingerprint authentication on desktop. I miss that.

For bitwarden I also wonder about it being free (and therefore me being the product). I guess they charge for enterprise?

Yes, and they also offer a $10/yr subscription for consumers, which like Lastpass is similarly unnecessary.

Wise words. I’ll be kinda fucked if LastPass dies though. :eek:

stay current

That’s a flaw if the attacker has admin access on your computer, which means they already own you. Even if the password manager wasn’t locally exploitable, they could just watch for you to enter your password and then the 2FA key and get access that way.

Sure, but isn’t there a large percentage of users who still run their main user account with all their web browsing, plugins, etc, with admin privs?

No, nobody does that. Neither Windows nor MacOS have users login as administrator or root by default, they use privilege escalation only when necessary. Of course your user has access to your web browser, so that isn’t pertinent.

Good to hear that my vast experience in cleaning up the IE and Flash install on someone’s great grandmas XP desktop is not so relevant :)