Late To The Game: Rise Of Nations -> Not Too Shabby

Hey, Rise Of Nations is not too bad! In fact, I really enjoyed playing it. It’s the first RTS I’ve played in years that I’ve actually enjoyed.

Someone here recommended it, so who(m)ever it was: thanks!

RoN is nifty, but I still hold out hope that someone will marry laissez-faire Majesty-style gameplay to a Civ-like RTS engine. The scope of a game like RoN is a tad confused with the player as both emperor and general. I know this is a deliberate part of the design, but I guess I just found the emperor/builder half of the game lacking, and short of surrendering direct control of your military units, I don’t know a viable way to flesh that part of the game out without hopelessly drowning the player.

But on a lighter note:
Rise of Nations! Rise of Nations!
Rise of Nations! They keep on rising!