Latency with wireless

Does using a wireless connection add any measurable latency to things like gaming? I got a wireless router that I’m using wired for now but am interested in getting a wireless card but not if it adversly affects ping times.

Wireless latency on a modern router or access point is equal to wired. Where you run into problems is packet loss. Typically from interference or a bad setup that gives the routers an intermittent signal (Through walls, floors). In most cases though, you shouldn’t have a problem. I suppose though that if you were competing for cash prizes or something crazy like that, you’d be best with wired, since it’s slightly more reliable.

Thanks for the info. Right now I’m having ping problems just with direct cable. I’m getting high pings(to the point of getting kicked) on BF2 servers that I was getting solid play on before. I plugged the computer strait back in to the modem and its fine so sometings up with the router…