Latest Bush speech

Bago, do you seriously think Bob isn’t a troll? Why did you even post that list? He seems about as trollish as it gets.

I’d like to say that at least along with the expansion of executive power, Bush supports the right to bear arms!

Edit: Put down the wrong names

Meh, it’s the start of a looong rant.


Again, with all due respect to bigdruid, he’s no different than what’s on the other side.

Yeah, hey Bob, do you support our President torturing people who are incarcerated without charges and lying about it?

When did I ever imply that I did? Just because I wonder if Jason cares as much about innocent Americans being beheaded by the same kinds of people we incarcerate? Then he lies that he actually posts vehemently about it cause he has no proof.


Keep fighting the good fight, Jason.

This is about the most hilariously ironic post ever on the QT3 forum.

quatoria chastising someone else about making a post with little or no contribution to the thread.

Seriously you guys need to form a comedy troupe.

I was actually referring to the malestrom surrounding ABC’s 9-11 movie where the Democrats are shitting themselves pressuring ABC to pull it. I’m surprised there isn’t a thread about it on here. Usually you guys are the champions of free speech, freedom of expression, and all that jazz.

I thought I’d see long diatribes from Jason about how dare our current or former government leaders try to surpress free speech. I thought I’d see Midnight Son with some witty…err…stupid one-liner about how Microsoft owns the airwaves with some Halliburton thrown in. I thought I’d see quatoria call CindySue a cunt and make no contribution to the thread.

Oh yeah, I forget that you don’t give a shit about those things unless the free speech coincides with your beliefs. SORRY BOUT THAT.

sidestep… dodge! … sidestep… dodge! wave hands in the air! wubwubwubwubwub! sidestep! dodge!

Yeah, Flowers, you didn’t expect Bob to actually state a position on anything, did you? It’s far easier (and sadly for our political system, more effective) to just attack the other guy than it is to defend your own positions.

Well Bob, it’s nice to have you agree with us,maybe. I didn’t accuse you of supporting it, I just asked you whether you did, since that was what we were discussing, and you hadn’t really weighed in on it yet. I thought it would be impolite to just talk around you without asking you how you feel.

So, how do you feel about people?

Slander and libel are not examples of free speech.


Yeah, I’m surprised there’s no thread either.

But, yeah, free speech, etc doesn’t extend to a major network fabricating a story about the Clinton administration refusing to authorize the CIA to kill Bin Laden when they had the opportunity. Interesting timing, right before an election, too.

As long as we are making stuff up, why don’t we dramatize the Bush cabinet meeting post-9/11 where they discuss how they can leverage 9/11 to justify an invasion of Iraq? Oh, wait, because that wouldn’t be a fabrication.

Oh, I knew what you were talking about.

And I was thinking of staring a Reagans v. Pto911 thread.

I haven’t started a thread about it because I after a few years of this crap I just can’t find a new interesting angle.

Suskind cites further CIA notes on the guy. “mental capacity of a child” or whatever is overstating it; but it’s pretty clear that a) he was honest to god insane and b) he didn’t have a significant role in Al Qaeda. The main thing he did was like arrange for wives and children to visit their daddys while they were at Jihad summer camp.

Oh, and just to get in the requisite Bush bashing - when informed of this Bush basically said to Tenet “I already said the guy was a major player, you’d better find out he’s a major player.” Bush had declared him a major capture before interrogation was even complete.

Not defending Bush, dawg, just trying to get a little reality check in some of the other side’s claims. Hyperbole is bad enough on the internet.

Oh, I didn’t think you were - my second post was just to vent a bit of steam from my “hate bush” tank. :D

But yeah, Abu Zubaydh was a way overstated capture. He had a diary that was literally written in like three different “voices” - one of which was an eight year old child.

As I thought. Facts don’t get an answer.

Just to set the record straight, it’s Democrats and Republicans.