Latest fashion: swasitkas!

Or at least, that’s what some Chinese clothing designer thinks. Get your swastika shirts, your SS baseball caps, etc., while they last! The best part of the whole story:

The designer wanted the clothes to have a military theme and did not realize that the Nazi symbols would be considered offensive.

Um, yeah.

Well, the Chinese do have the example of millions of Western lefties proudly parading their Mao shirts and flags, so I guess it wouldn’t be immediately obvious to them why glorifying a mass murderer should be wrong…

Finally, I can grow in my Hitler 'stache and do the funny walk all day and look cool!

Zis iss all very illegal in Chermany!

That’s pretty stupid, but what’s up with this:

And in July last year Hong Kong coffee chain Pacific Coffee was forced to apologise after its stores used a quote from Hitler for its chalkboard “Thought for the day” spot.

Coffee macht frei?

Millions? I can’t remember seeing a single one…

Me neither, and I live in communist hotbed Sweden. The image most used, by far, is of course Che Guevara, who died before having the chance of becoming an oppressive dictator.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Mao was one of the icons of the 1968 student revolts, along with Che Guevara. His face definitely appeared on posters and T-shirts, in the same stylized way as Che’s.

Today he’s no longer that popular but he’s still revered by the remaining European communists. Some German links: Worte des Vorsitzenden, Werke in deutscher Sprache, Zum 25. Todestag (that’s from the newspaper of the German Marxist-Leninist Party, MLPD)

That was 35 years ago. Most people here weren’t even born then so that is probably why Jason hasn’t ever seen any. Comparing something that happened that long ago to something that happened last week isn’t a very relevant comparison. In your first post about it I assumed it was something poeple had done recently.

– Xaroc

I moved to San Francisco about 4 weeks ago. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen at least a few people wearing Mao shirts. There’s a building that I can see from right out my apartment window that has a twelve foot tall Mao head painted on it.

Ok, now that is actually relevant.

– Xaroc

I’ve been out-commied! I do see Guevara shirts occasionally, though.

What do the overlords have you doing out at Double Fine, Erik?

Those crazy Chinks.

Erik’s here? Well, as the UnOfficial Qt3 Bay Area Welcome Wagon Chairperson I will say: don’t call it “Frisco”, avoid Fisherman’s Wharf, you will be standing in line at the DMV for a minimum of 12 hours so bring a book, water, beef jerky, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, sleeping bag and compass, yes, guys in the Castro really do walk down the street wearing buttless leather pants, try not to buy anything at Fry’s with a return sticker on it, and we really must go bowling sometime.

I’ve seen Mao & Che shirts all the time in SF, at least for the last five or six years. Some of them are on old hippies, but mostly it’s an ironic mochafrappucchinorevolutionary thing, worn by folks who are too young to even know Lenin was one of the Beatles.

What do the overlords have you doing out at Double Fine, Erik?

I’m doing some gameplay scripting and some dialog writing. On Thursday nights they buy us dinner.

That Comrade Illich and the other heroes of the glorious revolution would be defaced thus!

That album is awesome, although not quite as fine a masterpiece as their album Don’t Touch that Dward. Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the Dead! Shoes for Industry!

Congratulations. I hope one of your responsibilities is keeping crates out of the game…