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This is pretty damn cool.

The 1978 Pope John Paul II edition of TIME, in complete digital format, readable over a web browser.

I love old magazines. They’re such a time capsule of their eras. Not just the articles (I loved reading the thing about novelty big-store bookstores like Barnes & Noble, hah!) but the ads are pretty telling as well. There’s a great advertising section about the future of home video and video games that’s a hoot.

Now, I’ve got a history degree, and I know that technology moves forward, but is it me or did the people in the 70’s have a complete and total lack of design and style? I mean, you can compare nearly every other decade and while things certainly look “primitive,” they still look fairly good. Like, people restore cars from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s all the time, and you admire their lines. But look at some of the car ads in this issue and the things are just hideous. And what’s the obsession with the wood paneling?

The VHS/Betamax wars – holy shit!

Wow, that’s amazing. The funny thing is that the ads are more interesting to me than the copy.

I like how the vast majority of ads are for booze, cigarettes, and cars.

God those old ads are mesmerizing.

Sickbastard you just know what he’s going to do next!

So that’s how they used to teach typing.