Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics

It starts out merely impressive. Then it really gets crazy.

They should consider putting a smiley on the front of that thing.

Our future murderers are pretty cute.

We’re doomed.


We were doomed long before this.

I can see renting one from Home Depot to help me move furniture around.

Tony Hawk is watching the last 30s of that and weeping for the future of the X-Games.

Speaking of Boston Dynamics, I went to the Science Museum in London at the weekend for the new robots exhibit. It was decent enough, though maybe with too much emphasis on physical artifacts and not enough explanation. But I was very disappointed there wasn’t anything from Boston Dynamics on display. Even in video form, which was weird. I wonder what the backstory is there. Seems you’d want to show the coolest robots around if you’re going to put on an exhibit about the history of robots.

Humans had their time.
The age of meat is over.

Unsure if quote from TimeCube or pithy commentary on Boston Dynamics’ evil robots.

So this is cool but everyone realizes worthless, right? No way to scale, no possible way to sell it, no customers, no income, no cash flow, and there never will be. Google bought them all excited then took another look and announced they are for sale because they saw “no possibility of any income in the future or saleable products”. Basically a dead end.

Those droids are for sale, if you want them.

The problem is its way, way cheaper to make an animatronic built by a special effects team than to buy a robotics company with all its engineers and fancy algorthims and distributed real time calculation systems. Ou just hire a guy like Grant Imahara and he builds you a robot for a thousandth of the cost. So DIS will never be interested. Neither will any manufacturing company because of much more on task robot arms or logistics/distributor because of much better specialized like Amazon has.

BD is super cool but will never go anywhere. I suggest they will announce they are closing in a few years either by Alphabet X or by being let go and having funding dry up. But I’ll watch the hell out of these crazy videos. I bet their neighbors get a hoot out of all the different types of robots leaping out of BD’s doorways.

The value in BD is not in it’s robots. It’s the code. It’s seems odd you don’t realise that considering your field. There are probably plenty of systems that the dynamic problem solving nature of BD’s code can lend itself to and it is owned by a company that will sure as hell experiment in putting it to use elsewhere.

Yeah, this is the opposite of worthless if you look down the line. BD will not make a dime in 5 years except perhaps on DARPA and similar wasteful military contracts that don’t result in usable devices. But they will wind up with all kinds of patents and more importantly accumulated engineering wisdom for future mobile robots, and if Alphabet continues to invest they will eventually be the market leader when energy storage is dense enough for the robots to run on their own for extended periods. There will be a market for them in the long term.

Something like this would be perfect for hopping out of the back of a self-driving UPS truck to put packages on people’s doorsteps.

Interesting, but it seems to like going downhill / down stairs a lot.

when it can go up an icy hill or up a staircase as fast as it goes down, then I’ll be worried.


I bet it looks like a corgi going upstairs :)

First it looks yearningly at the top like it wants someone else to carry it. Then it tries hopping a couple of times. Then it gives up and sits sadly at the bottom until someone takes pity on it.

48 seconds into the video. Oh great, they taught it how to teabag. Now the robots can take over and humiliate us while doing it.

I bet it just jumps directly to the top, and murders all the smug humans up there.

My sides