Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics


The clip where the robot is trying to open the door while the human shuts it is pretty terrifying. That thing looked pretty pissed at the end there. It probably knows it could snap the human in half if it wanted to.


I just want a dog that I can turn off when I’m not using it.





God that one with the arm-head is cool. Why not have an arm tail too? Clearly they are Gettysburg by today at motion. The one that surprised me was when the robot that was opening the door did a super quick catch to get the door after opening. I’m curious is they programmed that or it evolved it itself. Pretty crazy.


That is pretty damn cute. I’ve got a yorkie sleeping right behind me, but this picture actually manages to be competitive with her in cuteness levels.


Closed doors are no longer an issue for our new robot overlords.


Our only hope now is that Apple, Tesla, and anyone else pushing battery technology are obliterated by asteroids.


It is amazing how far those things have come. I shudder to think about what the next, say, 10-15 years brings in their capabilities.


Unless someone monetizes them successfully, it’s a fun parlor trick. Still cool to see! Just glad I’m not an investor.


Yeah, keep thinking money will protect you from THEM.


Aren’t these are the new ED-209 units, soon to have their name changed to ‘clones’ for battlefield use.


Pretty soon they’ll be able to walk in on you while you’re having sex/masturbating.


LOL are you suggesting that there are no business models for walking robots that can open doors? Look around the world and be just the tiniest bit creative and you will see they are everywhere. Agile, smart robots are going to take on tons of roles in society.


Why would the need to walk in on you? What do you think we’ll be having sex with?

(The answer is also robots.)


What’s going to be really weird is when we walk in on THEM masturbating.


Will robot bsdm be videos of usb plugs being inserted the wrong way?


Twisting coax cables until you start to hear copper and rubber alike straining.


You guys need to brainstorm how to prevent them from getting in. Do they have the technology to open round doorknobs? How about putting a captcha on a door to prove you’re a human before it opens?


Long slow camera shots of pulling a heat sink off a running CPU.