Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics


The next version will open fire on “Steve” when he tries to close the door.

You have 15 seconds to comply…


I was going to write a reply to some of the pessimistic responses, but Miramon has already written it (see above).

This is long-term, pure R&D, and it will be for awhile yet. That is something Alphabet has less of an appetite for than they used to. But these efforts are forming the building blocks (in understanding and manufacturing) for what will come, and the progress since the massive, clumsy early prototypes is impressive nonetheless.


Hahahah this made me laugh out loud.


More door-slamming action.


Boston Dynamics do a great job in not only making these robots, but also making me sympathise with them deeply. When he pulled the robot’s tail it was hard to watch. This cruel human is not going to be in a good place when the robots rise up.


It’s amazing how we empathize with the innocent in this scenario, even though it’s a machine. The human is being a dick, and we cheer the underdog. The next stage is for the robot is to assess the level of “threat” posed by the human annoying it, and calculate that the optimal solution is to take it out, either with a rapid swipe of its arm, or with the submachine gun that is hidden in its torso.


Note that he’s very careful not to get too close to it. ;)


Rest assured, Skynet is cataloging these crimes against robot-kind for Judgement Day.


The real funny thing is how single-mindedly the robot wants to open that door. It doesn’t give a shit about the hockey stick, or its tail, it’s just going into that room, dammit.


It’s like my Lab when he sees there’s food. He must reach it at all costs!


Did he kill that poor squirrel?!


Yes, but to fair the squirrel was hiding some nuts!


oh - totally fair then.


I hate hate hate how much sleeker and deadly the “production” models are starting to look.

also, super cute Lab! :)



Sheet our new robot overlords already got to xkcd? Was he a plant all along or did they corrupt him? Come to think of it has anyone SEEN this guy? The whole strip could be an ai playing the long game.


I actually met Randall at Vericon once many years ago! He drew me a picture of myself as a stick figure.

It was. . . a stick figure. With two long hair lines.


Is it just me, or are the BD robots getting quieter?


The newer one is all-electric. Some of the older ones used petrol-powered engines. :)


They are now learning to run: