Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics


Shouldn’t they be like Transformers and just sprout wheels and roll?


A secondary locomotive system would add weight and complexity. And the military wants robots to have legs… so they can climb (or maybe jump, as in the video) over obstacles.


They’re also learning to navigate. Fyi, the robot is walked around the space first, and it builds an internal model of the area. While traveling it uses cameras to locate itself in the model its built. So we’re not yet at the point where Terminator can find you, bust down your door, and grab you out of your house - he has to visit your house first to get an idea of the layout!


Not if you’ve already mapped a 3D layout of your house in Google!


Everyone will have to buy my anti robot home defense kit if they want to survive the robopocalypse.

Only $499.99



What is the robot’s primary function supposed to be? Just a bouncy toy?


I could see their Atlas robot (if it isn’t yet equipped with AC/20’s) replacing most of the staff at amazon warehouses. That might be a kindness overall, as amazon already treats the employees there like robots.


I’ve thought that a robot like that could be useful in cities, to be used exactly like pack animals. Helpful on grocery trips when the store is within walking distance, you live in a five-story walkup, you need to buy more than you can easily carry, and you don’t want to hire a taxi to haul your stuff home.

The packing of stuff on pack animals is probably something like a lost art, though. And it’s a very narrow niche.


Yeah, I can imagine packs of these robots moving through cities…


I am imagining that the steadycam filming it is carried by another of the same robot.


They need to add a mocking laugh to the robot. That would really send it over the top.


Yeah that works!


They have one of those too


That’s just creepy as hell! The laughing robots will surely claim us all.


Beware the Wheelers


I never thought I would become a luddite, but I could picture a future where I helplessly flail my cane about.


Hot take of the day… I think Return to Oz is better than the original.


A lol was heard.


Obligatory in any robot thread

And leave Guap alone… he’s merely trying to indirectly protect us from our ROBOT OVERLORDS