Latest insanity from Boston Dynamics


I don’t see the sexbot potential in these things. Meh.


Cover that claw-head thing in silicone and latex…


That was great, but there was a sneaky cut in there at the :57 mark. You can just barely see the frame flip.


Not Boston Dynamics, but related.

Yeah, right, “accidentally”


Heh. I was thinking the same thing. These things need positronic brains that obey Asimov’s Three Laws.


Everyone always worries about Google’s dogbot and the bipedal one, but it’s those little warehouse roomba bastards that’ll do you in.


Wait, are we SURE there wasn’t a bear in that warehouse? That robot might have been legitimately scared.



That page keeps freezing on me. Not sure what’s causing it. (Google Chrome.)


Just heard about this today from a relative, she saw one of the security bots while at the hospital for a doctors appointment. Getting closer…


Honestly, that just seems like a stupid waste of money.


We are getting robots in our grocery stores here:

Notice in the pic the old guy bent over in an awkward position. The robot is his indirect supervisor because he robot is determining what needs to be restocked! The robot overlords are here!



Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shemp


Do the eyes have red leds that go left and right? I need to know.


he totally fucked that robot right?


Those security robots … they look like proto Daleks.

When I was a kid, I thought the Daleks were the scariest thing ever. I can’t believe we’re building them now. :/


It’s the things they are probably building that they don’t tell us about that are really scary. I am sure the military is researching armed drones and armed robots.


The armed robots they are building are probably also designed to look as scary as possible, because intimidating the foes into not fighting is even better than being bulletproof.


We have those, the UAVs like the Predator drones.