Latest Internet E-mail Scam

I have been getting these at work for a few weeks now but we do very little shipping so they are very obviously scams, but for others there might be a question.

We are getting “e-mails” from “DHL” and “Fed Ex” saying they missed deliveries and want to re-schedule. Of course a link is provided. A good perusal of the e-mail will show that it is pretty obviously fake but someone who does a lot of shipping may just get in a hurry and click on it.

I would recommend against it.

It usually comes with an address header saying some managers name and the date of delivery is always 2-3 weeks prior.

My dad fell for this one a few weeks ago and I had to clean up a nasty piece of scareware from his PC as a result.

Been seeing these for years in my spam folders.

Same as triggercut, I have been seeing these for a few years now. Once in a long while they make it to my regular inbox.

One of these hit my inbox a few weeks ago…I was incredibly disappointed that there was no link! Lazy scammer…

They want you to click on the tracking number, at least the ones I have seen were that way.

Had a virus in my paralegal’s computer awhile back that the tech guy thought was from one of these…

I’ve been getting these for years now as well.

By some bizarre coincidence, I just saw another one hit my SPAM folder…and the scammers have helpfully included this line, which wasn’t on the original one:

“If the links are not working, please move message to “Inbox” folder.”

So apparently my SPAM folder disables the links while the email is in the folder, which is a pretty good idea.

As a matter of policy, I don’t click on most email links. If I’m the least bit suspicious, and I always am when the message is mostly text, I navigate to the site myself and then check whatever-it-is.

I do admit I don’t practice 100% safe clickage. For example, Amazon sent me a targetted email this morning, and I clicked on a product link without thinking twice about it. When the email has product information for 8 different items, complete with graphics and prices, and is clearly related to a search I made recently, I don’t get suspicious. At least there’s no immediate risk with such links, since Amazon isn’t going to ask for a password until I actually try and purchase something.

I never click on email links either (unless they’re authentication thingies that I know I’m getting). Email with links? Whatever will they think of next?

I never click on email links, but I do enjoy running executable files attached to an email. That’s okay to do, right?