Latest mechanical keyboard recommendations?

Wait, what post of mine disappeared? I started replying to your post about Browns vs Blues, but then you deleted it so I took it to a PM instead.

But sometimes the forum does weird spooky things.

It was a post where you mentioned about having a membrane keyboard an old IBM keyboard and you are looking to get a new one. You mentioned that you don’t like Blues because it was too stiff and wondered how is the Browns. I was responding to that post.

Really needs to be updated with hot swappable switches to be competitive at its price point in 2024, to be honest. This feature matters; switches can fail and start repeating, “chattering”. Super annoying.

I’m not a snob about the stupid thonk stuff myself but everybody would expect prelubed switches and stabilizers too.

Yeah. Just go to the SteelSeries website. You want the Engine software. That will give you the ability to customize the lighting and all that. I’ve messed with the 3D Aim Trainer and use Sonar with my headset. Also have Moments on capturing CoD stuff while I play.

What the heck is the 3D Aim Trainer?

Does that software let you turn down the lighting level for the keyboard’s USB port? The normal way to turn down the lighting doesn’t seem to affect that.

I’ve never found a way to do that, so let me know if you find one. It’s so obnoxiously bright that I wound up just unplugging the USB passthrough at the computer to disable the port altogether.