Latest Popular Science - Gross!

NOT what I expected when glancing past the “what’s new” section. A close-up of an arm ripped off of a veterinarian who mistakenly shot an crocodile full of antibiotics instead of tranquilizers.

When I saw close-up, I mean white-ish grey arm, tissue and junk hanging out the end and you can see the bone.

I hope they don’t punish the crocodile. They live in squalid conditions in that zoo, and there’s been wide-spread allegations of mis-treatment… and they obviously have dumb-as-hell vets there.

Crocs are crocs. You would expect the vets to be smarter than them.

I was stunned by that shot. It’s a very crappy magazine but I got the sub for free. Now it looks like I’m the one that got the bad deal.

They shot the crocodile a few times until it let go of the arm, but the shots pretty much bounced off its head - it’s still alive, and is apparently now a major tourist attraction at the zoo.

The veterinarian just wasn’t following procedures, and he paid for it. I also inject crocs with sedatives occasionally, and the absolute first thing you do before going anywhere near those jaws is to test that the sedative has taken effect (prodding the tail or neck gently with a long oar, then testing bite force is standard procedure). Even when it’s been sedated, you always treat the croc as though it’s still dangerous and take suitable precautions (a second person protecting you from the head, covering the eyes, etc). Basically, if you get bitten by a croc in captivity it was your own silly fault for not taking precautions.

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

You sound like you have a kick-ass job.

krayzkrok is the krazy Aussie who keeps kroks in his backyard, remember?

Maybe if you combine your pond with Krazys pet you’d cease having trouble with you damn neighbours?

We had that picture on page three of the morning paper. It’s a cool picture.

I see my QT3 reputation is cemented.

Oh well, go with the flow… Here’s Smaug, relaxing in the pool (he’s 14.5’ long).

How often do you alpha roll him?

Crocs are a thing of beauty. It also amazes me they’re so large and still one of the most efficient eaters on Earth. They could eat a zebra and it could give them their nutriotional needs for an entire year if they had to. Unreal.