Laughton's direction of Night of the Hunter

I just stumbled on this article, which I found fascinating and wanted to share with you guys. It’s sort of a review of a show: “Charles Laughton Directs The Night of the Hunter: A Presentation of Outtakes From the Film”. It’s also sort of a review of NotH, and made me really want to watch it again, and to see this show.

Interesting. I must confess I didn’t like “Night of the Hunter” very much. I found it mannered and over-the-top, and even inadvertently comic. Maybe I need to see it again. Whatever its flaws, it was certainly beautifully photographed. I watched it almost 10 years ago in film school, and the cinematographer, the late Stanley Cortez, came to speak after the screening. Mr. Cortez (who also DP’d “Magnificent Ambersons”) was in his '80s and seemed to be slightly out of it, but he gave some amusing anecdotes. I remember him describing one scene which was shot in forced perspective, with undersized props in the back. A “horseman” seen in silhouette in the background was actually a midget on a pony.