Launch PS3 unit bites the dust

Sad day. :(

Lonely death :(

Backwards incompatible :(

Too expensive :(

I like cheese.

Ya know, things break.

Is this something you can get a new one free for? Or is there no hope? :( Did you get your money’s worth?

Sony will fix it… but they will charge you! Also, as noted above, now backwards incompatible for you.

Not a huge deal. The only thing I really use the PS2-compatibility for is SingStar and AFAIK SingStar PS3 can import the songs itself, right?

how did it fail? as angry as a ring of death, or the fizzle of an N64?

Wait, Jose still posts here? WB Jose!

(and sorry about your PS3)

How’s it going man

this is a sad commentary for both sony and ms (no, i’m not putting a sad smiley here)

My Launch 60 GB PS3’s Bluray drive has died twice and I think this time Target’s service guys are going to offer me $600 cash for it since they think they can’t fix it. I don’t know whether to take it but I heard a rumor somewhere that there might be Software BC for all coming down the pipe, if that ever comes out then the $600 cash is a no brainer for me…

Or they would send me the 60 back without fixing the BluRay… Which I use constantly.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for software BC. It’s apparently a very hard technical problem. I’m probably getting some things wrong, but: apparently the PS2 memory chip had some VRAM built right into the chip itself (or something like that), so there was very little latency in video memory access. It’s extremely hard to replicate this with memory that is external to the chip, because the timings are hard to replicate. This is why the first batch of 80 GB PS3’s had the PS2 video chip included,it’s easy to emulate teh PS2’s CPU, but not the graphics chip.

It’s theoretically possible to have a general solution for this, but very very difficult, and almost certainly not worth sony’s time, when the PS2 is still selling so well and at such a high profit.

Take back a useless box or take $600 instead, which pays for a new & improved PS3 and a separate PS2 with $100 left over? WHAT A HORRIBLY DIFFICULT DECISION!

But then you have to buy memory cards.

so add another 4 dollars.