LawBreakers - CliffyB's Boss Key joint


And looks like they’re gone. Which is a shame; they may have had their issues, but I know several folks there, and they’re good people who are now out of work. Of course, given the area of the country they’re in, and how senior most of the team was, they’ll probably all be able to land on their feet.

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A real combo of bad luck and some bad decisions. The game itself is good, but it had its reputation damaged by the free 2 play label, then went paid, but released at a time when people who play these games already had Overwatch and Paladins and what not. And there are no bots, no campaign, so zero interest from people like me. And to top it off, some questionable marketing.
I wonder what will Cliff and others do next.


This is why multiplayer-only games suck. Once the players leave, all that content and effort is wasted forever. If you build a singleplayer campaign, people will still be playing it for years to come.


What the heck…?
This game just went free2play. I thought BossKey had closed their doors?


It’s the zombie of CliffyB.


CliffyB gotta gas up his Lambos somehow, comprendé?


Nexon publishes it and probably still has some control over what happens to it.


The player base is already 96 times higher than it was yesterday!


Ah, servers close down on Sep 14th 2018.


That’s crazy RAD!


“My talk was going to be about my lessons learned from the mistakes I made, not about what the devs could have done better or differently. That said, out of respect for the BKP team, I’ve pulled the talk and won’t be mentioning LawBreakers or Nexon if/when I do speak at DevGamm.”


LawBreakers servers will be shut down sometime today.


End of an era.


RIP in peace.


Rest in pieces


Making a arena deathmatch game is a very risky proposition. We still don’t know why Overwatch has been a success.


Because it’s Blizzard and they have the Midas touch.


Overwatch isn’t an arena deathmatch game, and Overwatch best quality is the superb charismatic character design, that made people be attached to them.


I agree completely. The art design in Overwatch is fun, bright and welcoming. The character silhouettes are instantly recognizable. Lawbreakers on the other hand is kind of muddy and unremarkable and the characters are just fairly irritating in that pro-gamer style.


In addition, people want to fuck Overwatch characters. I’m just saying, that helps too…