Lawnmower Man

Does anyone have this on DVD? It was one of my faves way back when. I had the video tape with the deleted footage, lost it, and was wondering how much, if any, was added to the DVD and is it worth picking up. Thanks,

I don’t have it, but it’s a New Line Platinum disc, which means it got a decent treatment. Just looking at the specs, I notice 12 deleted scenes and director commentary. Amazon sells it for 13 bucks, so since you’re a fan, it sounds nice enough to pick up.

Great. Fucking. Movie.

I have the Platinum Series DVD. It has all the deleted scenes (although you cannot watch them during the movie in their original locations, you have to watch them separately), which is funny because every scene I remembered from the movie, originally, was a deleted one. Cyboman, increasing the baud rate, etc. Wierd.

Basically it’s the standard DVD fare: 12 deleted scenes, audio commentary, widescreen (nice!), interviews, original trailer, and a cool thing where they show the storyboard for a couple scenes while playing the final version of the scene at the same time in a little window near the storyboards.

Sweet! It was a sorta pre-Virtual Reality, virtual reality flick. It was really out there at the time and now I have seen similair stuff borrowed from it. My memory is a little fuzzy, but did he not download info into his brain through the visor into his eyes as opposed to the Matrix’s direct to the back of the neck infusion?

I can’t wait to go back and see what else has appeared in more recent films that LM did first. Thanks

“It was a sorta pre-Virtual Reality, virtual reality flick. It was really out there at the time and now I have seen similair stuff borrowed from it.”

Bullshit, my man, bullshit!

Lawnmower Man was released in 1992. Jaron Lanier was cover-featured in Scientific American for his invention of “virtual reality” headsets in ** 1984 **. The film didn’t pioneer virtual reality, it based itself on work that had already been publicized in a major national magazine EIGHT YEARS earlier. Don’t give it credit it doesn’t deserve. It’s a Hollywood sci-fi/horror movie, fer chrissakes.

This article should clear up the timeline for ya. It even mentions how the protagonist of “Lawnmower Man” was probably based on Jaron Lanier and his work.,3605,625402,00.html

Sorry to harsh anyone’s mellow.

Here’s the succinct timeline from the end of the article:

Some landmarks: 1984 first commercial interface gloves; '87 commercially available head-mounted displays; '89 networked virtual world system

Then, three years later we get LAWNMOWER MAN. Not exactly cutting edge, there.

You don’t have to get your panties in a bunch nor break down the genesis of virtual reality for me. I know perfectly well it had been around, although I am not quite the as well versed in VR as you are. Are you related to the Jarod Leto or whatever his name is? Did the producers of Lawnmower Man screw him out of some royalties. I truly appreciate the link and all, but I honestly do not care.

I meant VR M-O-V-I-E-S. You know the things on the flat screen you can only reach out and pretend to touch if you have the right gear as you evidently do (encased in glass and backlit). I meant it was one of the first F-I-L-M-S (another name for movie) to use VR as a plot device.

I apologize if I worded my Movie Section post incorrectly and it was interpreted as blatant disregard for the phenomenal works of one Geoffrey Lassiter (or whatever his name is). Let me put it more clearly:

Lawnmower Man was cool. It had great special FX (that’s short for effects). I liked the outfits they wore when they went into computer land. They did not make many neat movies like that back in 1992. Did they? I learned in school last year that computers have been doing neat pretend things like were in the movie since the middle part of the nineteen eighties. I think the scientist guy who created those suits from the movie was on the cover of an old Dragon magazine and his name was Albert Einstein or something.


Oh, BTW. You are probably going to tell me there was another movie based on or around VR before 1992. That is OK, too. That I would be interested in. Feel free to do a little Googling and post those links as well.


you said LAWNMOWER MAN was pre-Virtual Reality.

game over, man.

you lose.



Lawnmower Man. A good movie.

Lawnmower Man 2. One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

I am God here.

Really I don’t remember it being all that much about virtual reality I thought he just made that retarded guy gradually smarter and he ended up affecting actual geniune reality with cool mind powers and such. At least that’s what I thought at the time when I was oh 9.

Yeah and guest your being a jackass I assume your trolling? Besides I’m sure Tyjenks is anough of a proper geek too have heard of VR way before 92.

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