Lawsuit Claims 'Grand Theft Auto' Led Teen to Kill

ABC News Story

A lawsuit claims the video game “Grand Theft Auto” led a teenager to shoot two police officers and a dispatcher to death in 2003, mirroring violent acts depicted in the popular game.

More demonization of video games. I wonder how the kid managed to grab a hod of a police officer’s weapon.

That’s easy, he just tapped R1 + R2 + X while pushing up on the analog stick.

I thought Zoloft caused teens to kill? Oh wait…

That’s just silly. Anyone who has played GTA knows that you can’t get a cop’s handgun before you kill them. Now, had this guy run over a cop with his car, picked up his gun and then shot another cop to death with it, I could see the connection. :roll:

Yeah, 'cause unless the cops were the kids grandparents…

Only if the kid was found with a nightstick either on his person or rotating in midair nearby.

“Life is a video game. You’ve got to die sometime.”

Sounds more like Max Payne to me.

A message for enterprising journalists -

Just imagine the headline:

Playing Violent Video Games, Watching South Park, and Underage Smoking Leads to Doing Good Deeds

You know there are a gazillion teens out there who do good for the elderly, infirm, disabled, etc. You know a good chunk of these teens like to do the things that most teens like to do: watch violent cartoons, play violent games, and/or smoke drugs and cigarettes. They’re waiting for you to link THEIR entertainment choices with their actions, just like you do with the psychotic miscreant ne’er-do-wells.
Why not write this story and break some new ground? It’s not like your editors are gonna catch the egregious distortion of the distinction between correlation and causation, since they have no buggering clue about it themselves.
Do you hear that? It could be Mr. Pulitzer, calling your name.


I’m sure that would be helpful if we were trying to spin the issue instead of trying to stamp out the the notion that videogames are a direct cause of anything one way or the other.