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Scott is a libertarian and an asshole and he really, really hates liberals (to the point of stupidity at times).
But he hates police corruption and bullshit more.

Good thing it’s just a political thing no one cares about though, right Mr President?


The verdict was fairly savage.


As well it should have been. I’m amazed that anyone at SAG or in the California government thought this was constitutional to begin with. I also wonder how enthusiastic the CA attorney general was about defending the law on behalf of SAG. I wouldn’t be surprised if the state just drops the case now.


_Packingham v North Carolin_a

Basically a law that makes it a felony for sex offenders to use… well most of the internet.

Expected to be 8-0 maybe 7-1 if Alito partially dissents.



Interesting. A prominent judge spoke out today against civil forfeiture:

And who wrote that?

Clarence Thomas. Yes, that guy.

Change is in the wind…


It’s so blatantly unConstitutional that I don’t get how it’s still a thing, other than, as Thomas said, the people getting hit by it can’t afford to fight it.


It is very difficult to rally support for changing a law in the abstract when the concrete examples of the law in action all too often confirm the biases of people observing what’s happening. That is, people see brown people and poor people and people with some connection to criminal activity being targeted by something like civil forfeiture, and the details of the cases or the overall meaning of the practice goes out the window as their reptilian hind brains scream “Bad people! Get what deserve! Uga uga!” And the cops twist any attempt at changing the practice around to reinforce this: “We will lose our most effective tool against DRUG LORDS MURDERING YOUR KIDS!”


Uga good dawg! Uga get what he deserve!


Heh. Needed an extra “g” in my “uga.” Never want to impugn Uga’s character.


How long before “I want to talk to my lawyer” isn’t invoking right to counsel?



How not to present your case to the Supreme Court.



Pretty ballsy move to rule against the Avatar of Justice. That’s the type of thing that could come back to bite you.


Sovereign citizens are simultaneously the best and the worst.


18 years for less than an ounce of pot.
24 years for human trafficking, kidnapping and torture.

Our system is so fucked.


This is so patently obvious and true, yet so many people seem completely incapable of seeing the problem. Sometimes our “justice” system would do Joe Stalin’s purges proud.


Things that will get your door kicked in in the middle of the night and you and your family potentially killed:

  1. Delusional rantings of a drug addict
  2. Having a daughter