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In regards to inauguration day protesters that got arrested.

Government: Look… the rule of law doesn’t apply to our political enemies.

At least the judge didn’t stand for it… much.



“You can’t do good and be poor at the same time,” Millender testified. “You can’t help the poor and be poor; it makes no sense.”


Seems plausible and explains why Jesus was a millionaire.


Well, I hear his father was pretty well-off


And that’s why we have to get rid of the estate tax.


Dad was the worst kind of absentee landlord. Remember when there was that leak he took forever to fix?


Said he’d pick us up, one time, and yet my folks got stuck in the freaking desert for 40 years. Yeah, I’ve got a gripe.


Then there was that time Dad turned himself into a swan to fuck a king’s wife.


Let us all pray it is a landmark case so that we can later cite Thugtorious G’ v. Yarddown Muzik.


He needs to team up with Ruth Ginsberg and put out a duet album.