Lazy WoW questions

I’m experimenting with farming and alts, and was wondering:

Can I not mail items to another of my characters? I sent a bunch of green stuff, but it didn’t show up. Is there a time delay?

Is there a decent default formula for selling items in the auction house vs. the suggested starting bid? I’m putting up stuff with 1.5x buyout, but nothing is selling.



p.s. I know I could find this stuff out via manuals or searching the past threads, but I’m short on time right now.

i had that problem once… mail is case-sensitive i think, and if you get the casing wrong the items just disappear. this was during the stress test though.

There’s a 1 hour delay for mailing items (Money is instant, iirc)

There’s a one hour delay in mailing items.

Not sure about the AH. Some stuff will never sell because no one wants it.

  1. I could swear I remember reading somewhere that you can’t mail items between characters on the same account because “that lets you have extra free storage.”
  2. For the auction house
    a) Look at prices for comparable items currently up for offer.
    b) On commodites, have the bid equal the buyout.
    c) For green items with anything other than the perfect type of stats (you want +strength and +stamina on a sword, for example), don’t bother.
    d) For perfect green items, set, or uniques: beats me.

100% sure that that is wrong. I mail goods and money between my main and my alts all the time - in fact, during the short period that I thought it was worthwhile to try to make money as a low-level tailor, I would often send my alt a bunch of silk I’d seen at auction, and I’ve been trading my bags down through my alts as I go.

The one-hour delay is enough of a penalty for trying to use an alt as a storage bin.

Also, keep in mind that Rogues really, really like one-handed +agility weapons, since agility adds as much attack power as strength for them, and also adds to the crit chance.

Can’t mail between factions and can’t mail to characters on other servers.


You can mail stuff to alts on the same server. Twink away!

Unrelated (and not really lazy, because I’ve looked) question not worth starting a whole new thread over:

How can you tell what level food is? Everything I’ve found related to hunters and pets says that you should try to feed your pet food that is close to the pet’s level for maximum effect.

Now if I kill a level 12 bear and get bear meat, I can assume that the meat is “level 12” for feeding purposes.

But what about things like fish, or bought food, or food you’ve cooked?

My poor cats begs you for help so I will stop feeding him crap beneth his stature.

Oh, just experiment and feed the pet anything. I’d think that you would want to feed the pet the strongest food that they’re capable of eating (i.e. no Banana Bread at level 10). Food is cheap and plentiful, which is amazing considering that every farm routinely gets raided and (metaphorically) burned to the ground.

Bought food and drink usually has a minimum level to it, as revealed on mouse over. Ditto with conjured food and drink.

And if found food doesn’t, a good estimate is the level of the creature you got it from. For instance, raptors in The Barrens don’t drop raptor flesh, but raptors in Stranglethorn do.

Or you could do the easy thing, look at the “Combat” chat tab and see exactly how much happiness each type of food gives.

For what it’s worth, the highest happiness per tick I’ve seen is 35, which you get from meat that costs 5s per stack (lvl 15). The 10s/stack food gives the same amount of happiness (and this is to a lvl 41 pet so I know that’s not the limiting factor).