LBJ buys pants

God I love LBJ.

Fun LBJ anecdote: he used to force his staff to take dictation while he was on the crapper. And he didn’t try to hide what it was he was doing.

LBJ is everything the new technocrats running the Democratic party aren’t - earthy, hilarious, ruthless. The internet is full of crazy shit he said.

Did you ever think that making a speech on economics is a lot like pissing down your leg? It seems hot to you, but it never does to anyone else.

Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad.

Then there’s this photo, apparently taken after another round of reviewing late night casualty reports from Vietnam:

He actually says “bung hole”. I’ve never heard that outside of Beavis & Butthead. Is that phrase common in Texas?

Is he using it to mean the literal definition or as a derogatory?

It’s literal. He’s explaining where he’ll need room in his new pants.

Once again: I fucking love LBJ.

It was much more common in the vernacular of rural working-class Texans from that era.

Even though on the opposite side of the aisle, I won’t deny a certain affection for him. He is very much a window into the past, to how things used to be, and reminds me of the people who filled up my very early childhood, most of whom are now gone.

I really enjoyed Path to War. I can’t speak to its accuracy but its a very humanizing portrayal of LBJ by Michael Gambon, even if it doesn’t sync up with reality.

Robert Caro’s monumental and as-yet unfinished biography of LBJ is great stuff if you’re interested and have the time.

That’s a great reason to avoid gaining weight. I had no idea it led to lacerations of the nutsack.

It’s not literal, unless his new pants need room in them for a barrel.

I believe it was being used as an landmark to orient navigation, so to speak. Always useful when trying to explain directions over the phone.

Think of it like the north star. Only brown.

I think what it really shows is that LBJ didn’t have a word for the perineum, such as “taint” or “inbetweenum.”

my favorite story about lbj was about the directions he gave the installer. normal showers do like x psi, lbj wanted it at 10x psi. and he wanted a second showed head coming out from the side of the wall.

When I went through my “JFK Conspiracy” phase in college and read all the books (I had a boring summer on campus job one summer), the LBJ angle was the only thing that seemed even half way legit based on a photo and some other stuff. And a book written a few years ago by a guy that seems unlikely to be batshit crazy still keeps me wondering.

So between that and Vietnam versus the civil rights and social programs side of his ledger, he remains a very hard guy to nail down for me.

What’s hard about it? Like FDR, he’s a liberal national security state/war guy.