League of Legends: hell is other people, pt. 1

Title League of Legends: hell is other people, pt. 1
Author Kelly Wand
Posted in Game diaries
When February 11, 2011

Despite (or perhaps in conjunction with) its acronym, LoL features an inordinate amount of trash talk during and after the game. It even parks you in a post-game chat lobby to better facilitate post-drubbing geysers of self-amused braggadocio..

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Aha! I knew it wouldn't take you long to learn the hatred of afk'rs :)

I don't know anything about this game, but I sure did enjoy the review. Still chuckling.
PS I'm fairly certain a "cheese kill" has to do with Wisconsin, or the Packers.

Yeah, I don't think that kind of idiocy is limited to free games. This kind of behavior is the main disincentive for folks getting involved in PvP in MMOs and one constantly hears about it in console shooters online. There's something about competitive games that brings out the asshole in people.

It's worse in free to play games though. There's less smurfing in paid games, as the player has to pay for another copy of the game if they REALLY want to get around the matchmaking and beat up on newbs. You can't really ever be banned or have a stigma attached to your account, its so easy to stat over. Probably the demo for free to play is younger, too.

Not as much trash-talking in Starcraft for example, even when playing DoTa style maps that give you the time to do it.

I'm surprised they haven't implemented a technical solution to AFK's -- that doesn't seem that difficult.

Tom, you finally started playing LoL?

I'm not sure if you've been playing with people you know or just going at it solo, but it can be much more fun with nice, non-angry/srs bsns people.

Send me a friend invite and we'll play a game or two: Kheryzen

I thought LoL was the good dota, and Heroes of Newearth was the bad one.

Demigod anyone?

I'm French, and my dota of choice is Demigod.

Wow, and I just realized that Tom didn't write this game diary. Now I feel kinda dumb.

Oh well not much I can do now, is there?

You should feel dumb, Chris! Kelly is a far better writer than me. :) But I'll still add you to my friends list. Look for an invite from -- you'd never guess! -- "tomchick".

Ah! The afk detection system will surely improve this situation :).