League of Legends: Official Thread

Just finished watching all of the quarter finals, really insane games, highly entertaining.

Anyone else up to watch NA vs EU? Based on game 1, there is going to be some action and skill match ups. :)

Watching it on VOD today. I’m hoping it’s more competitive than the G2 games.

I’ll hold off on commenting until you are done.

For those interested and who don’t want to see the number of matches on vod (I always try and pick the matches with my eyes half closed to avoid giving that away, which is not the ideal way to navigate Youtube :) ), the full rebroadcast is due to start in 4 hours (though I believe that includes a 1 hour countdown, so say 5 hours from this post):

How to watch VODs:

Install plugin that prevents spoilers:

Go to LolEventVods and watch vods:

I don’t watch league “live” at all. Sometimes at 2x speed on VODs, often skipping analysis for the really…obvious games.

Neat! Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely make use of that.


I don’t know whether anyone else has watched it, but one of Netflix’s 7 Days Out documentary episodes deals with League of Legends and the NA LCS Spring finals.

It also happened to be filmed in the week Doublelift got the news about his mum passing.

The documentary is not only for LoL players. It just shows the behind the scenes for Riot, the teams, the players. I found it quite interesting.


If anyone’s still interested in the competitive side of this game…MSI has been hella-interesting. The games today in particular were fun to watch.

I still watch regularly and play infrequently. Kind of like basketball.

This year’s MSI was exceptionally entertaining, you’re missing out if you haven’t seen it. Both semifinals were great series, the final itself less so.

I stopped playing and watching League after I visited Riot’s office and learned too much about them as a company.

I’m not a bot, but can you share your experience at all? (I only noticed there were new posts in the thead because of the bot above.)

Sure. My visit was part of my interview loop for a Director-level position at Riot’s HQ in Santa Monica several years ago. YMMV, but it had several unsavory elements, e.g. introductory fist-bumps (a bit odd in my business attire, but given the company logo and culture, I get it), a very disorganized interview schedule (shuffled between different buildings and conference rooms) and sadly, several senior engineers who expressed a “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude and ego…

My friends at Riot say that things have changed in recent years, but I would summarize their issues as growing pains that accompany too-rapid growth. I still hold Riot Games in high respects for the problems they’ve tackled at scale, their advancements of e-sports, etc., but my interview experience soured me enough that I stopped playing/watching League and haven’t looked back.

If you guys ever feel that League matches can be stale or boring, you must watch tonight’s game between the 2 top EU teams: Fnatic and G2.

The picks were unexpected. The role swaps surprising. You won’t believe what happened next!

Seriously though. It was a really entertaining match to watch.

Rift Rivals starts at the end of this week. And so, we get an awesome EU vs NA rap battle:

Feeling pretty good about EU’s chances for this one.

EU is busy showing NA what non stale compositions look like:

Garen + Yuumi vs Mordekaiser + Pyke. Not something you see every day in competitive elsewhere…

I got the script ahead of time so I wasn’t particularly surprised by the picks. It was the most entertaining of the finals I’ve watched so far though (NA, LCK,LEC.)

Oh right except it’s just that it should have been the finals. The team playing against the winner of this series is gonna get rolled.

You were so right.

And so, we get the FNC Vs G2 finals today, along with a possible preview of this year’s World Finals. :D

On in a bit less than 2 hours here:

Should hopefully be a fun series.

Shocking it took them so long, really.

I was coming to post that. Here is the announcement:

And the trailer:

15-20’ matches, a rewrite from scratch, not all champions but reworked gameplay and a full visual remaster and the champion gallery looks awesome.

They have also announced an animated series that looks like it could be a lot of fun:

With the current excitement of Worlds, these are fun times to be following League. They have gone all out for their 10th year celebration.