Learn 2 play Dungeon Defenders, noob!

Title Learn 2 play Dungeon Defenders, noob!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When October 19, 2011

The spectacularly good tower defense game Dungeon Defenders just came out today, so I can't fault people online for not yet knowing the ins and outs of the four classes, each of which makes very specific contributions to the defense..

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Damnit Tom, I don't have time for another in a long line of terrific games these past few months. Mass Effect replay #8 isn't going to finish itself, you know.

I'm on the 360 because that's the version I got first. Now I can't very well abandon my characters to jump platforms! That said, the interface is about as good as you can expect on a console system, given the level of detail in the game. And the actual action parts of the game are very gamepaddy. But there are certain screens that are going to be easier to deal with if you're using a mouse.

Tom, you can sell poorly placed defenses, no matter who put them there. I have done this a couple times when people put towers uselessly back by the crystal.

I downloaded the demo for PC. I bailed after realizing I couldn't invert the mouse or remap the keyboard. If they fix this, I'll gladly give it another try. But until then, it's unplayable for me. Not all of us use WASD or "normal" mouse settings.

Or you could play it on the Xbox 360! :)

I have more than a few words for you...


The Xbox360 is definitely my platform of choice. However, I'm living abroad these days so it's all laptop gaming for me :)