Learn about Pi

…and terrify yourself at the same time



I wish I could grow a fro like that.

I wish I could grow a second head like that.

What the fuck is that.


My favorite parts:

      • Part I: Steve is smart - - -

Steve: Did someone say PIE?
Girl: No, Steve. Not piiiie. Piiiii.
Steve: Ohh.

Evidently Steve can detect a spelling change via an inflection of the voice.

      • Part II: The Rapper - - -

As the camera pans recursively through the pages of the magical book, it encounters a burly man wearing a mask and no shirt. At this point, the rap begins:

Rapper: Yo I know this pi shit backwards and forwards.

Was this aired in Canada, Belgium, or some other progressive nation?

I was browsing around the guy’s site, and some of his other music videos are quite good too, but not as squarely in the WTF category as Pi.


There should be some sort of Qt3 Awards at the end of the year, if for no other reason than to give this a “WTF?!?!!!” award.

What’s so awesome about this is that it starts out as your garden variety oddball video, and then the rapper guy comes in and knocks it out of the park.

Damn nice tie together. Good times.