Learning AutoCAD online

Has anyone ever supplemented their education with an online AutoCAD course? They seem to be somewhat sparse. I’m looking at CAD Institute but that just seems like a dressed up name for something that’s not really credited/respected.

I’m wondering if I would be better off doing this some other way. I would self-teach, I suppose, but I do sort of what some kind of feedback from professionals, which is why I’m considering the online course.

Anyone with any experience that can chime in?

I would just go the self-teaching route, to be honest. I took an introductory class in college that was useful, I guess, but covered in a semester what you could probably breeze through on your own in a couple weeks. You’ll be able to get a handle on the basics just walking through the tutorials that are in AutoCAD itself.

Here’s a link to Autodesk University, which seems to have a lot of online classes to offer. I haven’t taken a close look at any of them, but the source is legit as it gets.

Check out Autodesk Exchange for very basic tutorial videos.

Honestly, once you pick up the basics of how the program works, you can usually find good tutorials for anything that you want to do with a google search.

There might be some good lessons here: