Least Essential Albums of 2003

Funny article:


A friend of mine was in trouble when we found out that he had the Marr album, until he explained that he traded it in for blank cd’s!

His thought process was something like, "Hmmm… what would sound better than this Johnny Marr CD? I know. Complete silence.”

Wow, those are some bad releases.

The string tributes of heavy rock bands have boggled my mind for years, but an all-girl tribute to Creed?!?! And these things get released!!! I rarely hear a re-make that is better than the original and these “tributes” are more like “butcherings” and to add to the pain they are all by no-name schleps. Yuck.

There must be a dozen Black Sabbath tributes done by orchestras, medieval choral groups, nutters who sing in Latin, etc.

Yeah, but at least it’s Black Sabbath. Mudvayne? I can’t even fathom what self-respecting classical musicians would do that.

Broke ones?