Least fun boss fights of all time

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All the bosses in Painkiller. Any game that features a boss that I have to shoot in the taint a bazillion times = lose. Especially when the rest of the game is so good.

I think it was the final boss in one of the Elite Force games. After lots of great, sensible gameplay, suddenly, there was some huge creature in a room full of ammo. I finished it, but it was just completely out of step with the whole rest of the game.

The nihilanth.

Any of the bosses in games where everyone else dies in a “realistic” number of bullet hits (or one headshot) that soak up multiple clips leaving you without much beyond the “I’m hit!” animation to show for it. Max Payne comes to mind.

At least they attempted to justify it in Hitman by having the one bullet sponge boss be coked out of his mind.

General Ramm.

Worst in recent memory, by far, not even because of the stupid trick needed to injure him, but more because it is almost impossible to tell when he’s taking damage which makes the trick nearly impossible to discover on your own, especially on the harder levels.

There was this eyeball boss that spewed tendrils that swept across the screen in The Guardian Legend. He always comes to mind - especially when you have to beat 2 or 3 of them in the last level.

Yeah, I’d have to think about whether or not that’s the worst one, but part of what made it so terrible was that you had no feedback about whether or not you were actually making any progress against it. It would just sit there spewing out rockets and then suddenly keel over dead after you shot it enough times.

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That was annoying, but a quick look at gamefaqs fixed that even the day after release.

No, what was worse was the final boss in the original God of War. Nothing like getting dumped into an end game fight that takes all of your skills you developed during the course of the game and flushes them down the toilet. I have never been so frustrated by an encounter. Beating it just left me irritated and exhausted.

Theseus on Titan mode, GOW2, stopped my playthrough in it’s tracks and I haven’t really wanted to pick the game up again in months. Granted Titan=very hard and all that, but a challenge for me is usually only fun the first few hours of trying, heh.

Is there such a thing as a good boss fight?

The hot Goth women in Warrior Within.

Bit of a different one but I was recently playing NFS Carbon and the final race there is actually a series of 3 races followed one of those two part canyon run things (so essentially 5 races straight). By this stage in the game the races take a while so it probably takes about 15-20 minutes to go through the whole thing. Having won the first three races I lost on the second part of the canyon run and in a frustrated rush to try it again I pressed the continue/quit button rather than restart. Suddenly I found myself back on the main menu and realise I need to go through the whole thing again, I was somewhat unimpressed.

Does the striders in HL2 count as bosses?
If not, then I don’t think I’ve ever completed a game with a boss fight in it, which tells how much I loathe the concept.

I just got the full GHIII (it’s not out here yet) and just reached Tom Morello on medium and am already hating that part of the game.

That fucking stars guy in System Shock 2. He wouldn’t have been as hard as he was if it hadn’t been for that little bug where the stars were indestructible, which made him unkillable.

[Edit]: Brain of The Many.

The dancing boss in stubbs annoyed me, just because I think they took the length twice beyond what was cute. The same for the chainsaw boss, and probably all the bosses I haven’t fought yet.

Oh, that Pyro boss in Psi Ops that would end up unbeatable because of a bug that happened before the save point before her, if we’re getting into bugs.

SqueakyFoo: I really liked The End in MGS3, but many people complain about him.

I bloody hate the end boss of Dead Rising’s overtime mode, myself. Fighting hand-to-hand on a tank with an enemy who reacts to your move before you’ve finished tapping it in! Yeah! Oh, and Lou. Obviously.

Don’t buy Psychonauts.

No, I guess I really shouldn’t. Is there any cheats so you can enjoy the story and setting without hating the actual game?