Leasure Suit Larry Loses again

Weirdest thing is that I recognized those screenshots…curse you, childhood!

Do you have a link for the rant?

Maybe I am just a dour, humorless individual but I don’t recall laughing a single time while playing MCL. I can scarcely believe that it sold well enough to be considered “very successful.”

I thought the jaw harp-playing girl was funny. Her sex scene was also the most Larry-ish.

I also laughed when they did the Grease parody in the gay bar, but only because of how earnestly they went for it. It was like up until then I was subconsciously keeping track of how the development budget had been apportioned so far, and then I saw the money seismograph needle start going crazy. The idea that gay bars don’t have drinking songs, just repurposed show tunes, is a little funny too I’d say.

The game was funny here and there, but, mainly, it was tedious. I kind of like the mini-games conceit, but it needed about twice as many.


I actually liked the dialog system, but the DDR games didn’t do much for me. The only part of the game that made me laugh out loud was when the secret agent lady comes to Larry’s dorm room and they have the conversation through the door. He uses the bad SciFi movie as another person in his room, and it was magnificent. I remember zero jokes now, but I thought that was great.

I looked, I can’t find it. Well actually I’m fairly sure it was in the gamespot forums but since was deleted. It basically said they weren’t dedicating the resources to the production of the console version and it was looking like missing the fall release date. Putting out a ps2 title in 2007 just wasn’t an option. With the console version out of the question attention turned to the PSP version. With no console big brother version and the PSP market tanking, killing the psp version was easy. That was according to this ranting employee.

The name of the game was apparently going to be called Leisure Suit Larry: Cocoa Butter.

I’m still trying to find out if this singles that there will be no more LSL games again or just no LSL games from High Voltage.