Leave It To The Saints (Saints Row IV Spoiler Thread & Discussion)

Can’t believe one of these hasn’t been started yet.

When I first heard about this game, I thought it was going to be a total disaster. Instead, the first 30 minutes have been about as enjoyable as they come. The ‘walk’ at the beginning of the ‘Leave It To The Saints’ mission had me hurting from laughter. Just awesome so far - as well as the obvious Matrix reference w/ the Sherriff.

Can’t wait for the super powers. And now that I’ve started this thread - off to hopefully ignore it for awhile so nothing good gets spoiled.

Although Aerosmith on the missile - just - freakin’ - awesome.

Since the topic mentions spoilers, there is a secret room in the clothing store Let’s Play , shoot the door marked private. :p

It’s the store called ‘Let’s Pretend’, and I don’t know what that was, but it was odd and yet entertaining. No idea who those people were, tho.

Throwing this here, as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone…

LOVED the group sing-along during the end credits (along with the paintins of the Saints interacting with historical figures), but the funniest - and a little sad - part was what sounded like an outake of Michael Clarke Duncan singing along to ‘Just A Friend’.

Also enjoyed what sounded like the re-do of the President and Pierce singing along to ‘Opposite’s Attract’, but with all the various voices for the President at once.

Yeah I noticed that MCD sing-along. I’d forgotten he was originally Ben King until I saw it mentioned in the credits (it’s been so long since SR1).

Darn, there was no audio over the credits at all, which seemed odd. Must’ve glitched, I’ll have to play the end again. I did enjoy the dance-off, of course, and the illustrations during the credits.

Now that I can adjust the time of day in the simulation, I think I understand why they kept it at night during the game. At least on the 360, the draw distance and pop-in on the shadows is pretty jarring when you’re moving quickly around the city, but of course you don’t notice that when it’s dark.

Yeah, there was music (and good music) during the end credits. In fact, I watched all the credits just because of the music.

Did you look in the chair to find the weapon down there as well?

No, I missed that. Have to go back on another playthrough. Which was already in the works anyway.

So - any ‘odd’ homages/mentions/etc of movies, games, etc that maybe were a little more subtle and therefore, unnoticed by some of us? Because, and I am speaking for myself, I generally only catch the obvious ones.

I had no music during the credits when I finished the game either. I thought it was a really strange choice to do a completely silent end credits. Especially after such a long game filled with such great music.