Leave No One Behind: la Drang: a new tactical real time strategy war game

This one snuck up on me:

I have always been fascinated by the Ia Drang battles. I might take the plunge after learning more about the game.

Announcement trailer from last year which really doesn’t tell us much about the game:


I love that you’re creating threads for these games, but if you haven’t gotten the hint by now, I’ll just have to straight-up ask: Can you please put more info in the subject line than just a game’s name?

You can get away with that if you’re making a thread for a well-known game, but that’s not what these are. :)


Is it an X-Com like in Vietnam?

…I’m sold

Is that what’s going on? I can’t quite tell and the fact that it’s a first-time developer gives me pause. I look forward to a full recon report from @Don60420!


Well it’s real-time.

So was X-Com 3! (ducks)

I don’t get the X-Com analogy. Plus reviews aren’t particularly kind. Looks like a pass for me.