LeBron James!

Watched the game. Oh. My. God. Best player since Jordan, maybe since Chamberlain. Maybe ever.

It’s unbelievable that a kid out of high school could come into the NBA and in his first game not only be the best player on the court, but be the best player by a wide margin. He looked like a 10-year veteran. He got the ball and always thought pass, but took the shot if it was there. He got the ball and had to wait for everyone else to catch up to him. He was half a second faster than everyone on the court. He’d be on defense and break for the other basket and be open by five feet but his teammates couldn’t see him because they couldn’t see the game the way he saw it.

I’ve never seen a player so effortless. He’s the real thing. He almost looked bored out there at times. If Cleveland adds a couple of good players to the team, they’ll be as good as anyone.

His stats: 25 points on 12-20 shooting, 9 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals.

Here’s the kicker. He didn’t even take a single shot in the second quarter.

Part of that I think is because he’s “fresh”, full of energy and verve, right out of high school. The beginning of the season is gonna be sluggish for everyone else, because season by season they get wore down for the most part, and know when to conserve energy and dash.

If Lebron is doing the exact same thing at Game 82, I’ll be shocked.

Which is not to say he’s not a good player - Dan Patrick was saying he perhaps has the best view of the court or court awareness he’s seen. And of course he can score. Having Silas as coach helps a lot.

But the bump & grind of the season will eventually wear on him, and he’ll have bad games. But Lebron is definitely in da house.

— Alan

Sure, he’s out of high school and a 25 game schedule playing in the NBA against freaks of nature over 82 games – he’ll be hurting at some point. He’s an amazing combination of scoring and passing though. He only took 20 shots. Didn’t Jordan take about twice as many?

This is the cavs. Ankle injury in game 7, out for 3 weeks. Never the same. It was shocking to see cavs uniforms in the nike ad, and have them not be the butt of some joke.


Hopefully, if Cleveland is really that bad, he’ll escape somehow. The Babe never would have been the Babe if he’d stayed in Boston.

I watched the game also and was extremely impressed. Not buying no $130 sneakers, though!

As you can see, Chet, like me, is an experienced Cleveland sports fan.

$160 for the sneakers I think.

— Alan

Shit, I can’t afford that. How much for a LeBron shoelace?