LED Backlit Monitors (or, Help me buy a monitor)

I’m looking at getting a blu-ray drive for my PC, primarily because whenever I want to watch a blu-ray movie that the wife has no interest in, and the kids should not be around for, I have to watch it on the PS3 downstairs right under where our bedroom is, and then I have to be super quite. I HATE watching movies and having to be super fucking quiet.

Also, I have that ASUS Xonar Xense setup on my PC, so I presume movies will sound very nice.

However, I currently have an older 22" 1680x1050 monitor, so I’d like a new monitor that can pull out 1920x1080 resolution natively, and probably be 24" at that so it’s a bit more of an upgrade (since there isn’t really anything wrong with my Samsung).

Should I look at the LED backlit monitors? Are they better/worse/same than a regular LCD? It looks like the very high end LCD’s are NOT LED backlit, which I found puzzling, and led me to ask this question?

So, any suggestions? I’m going to be gaming primarily, to be clear, so it can’t be a monitor just good enough for movies, it needs to game well, too, and I don’t want to drop more than $200-250 on it, I just can’t afford that much AND the Blu-ray drive (AND Game of Thrones, the catalyst for this purchase)… I’m willing to stick with 22" though, if the screen is brilliant/amazing, it doesn’t HAVE to be 24" or anything.

LED-assisted LCDs in computer monitor sizes are all edge-lit by LEDs, as far as I know. It’s inferior to proper LED backlighting, and it sells at a premium (to CCFLs) despite costing the manufacture less to produce.

24 inches also comes at a curiously high premium compared to, say, 23 inches. Like, a 25% cost difference for comparable models.

You’ll also hear people rave about IPS panels, but I think its at least half placebo, at least in the scenario of a desktop display.

In short, I’d just get an Asus unit like this one. 23.6-inch diagonal for $150 after mail-in rebate. The customer reviews over at Newegg generally rave about these Asus monitors.

Also be aware that Blu-ray player software that’s bundled with drives is usually pretty shitty. Apparently the codec license is expensive (and VLC won’t decrypt it), so you have a poorly-designed interface and missing attendant A/V features (like AC3, or Dolby Digital II, or 3:2 pulldown, that type of thing). The solid software costs around $100. Buying a home theater Blu-ray player for your computer can easily cost less than the BD drive, since a BD drive kind of requires the purchase of third-party software to bring it up to par.

I must say that I love IPS panels now that they are quite affordable, especially for their color correctness. TN panels would drive me crazy, when I would read a webpage and have the background colour and thus text contrast change significantly from the top to the bottom of the panel.

Agreed, Qmanol. There is a real difference. FWIW, I gave a mini-review/comparison of two budget priced IPS monitors which I also compared to my Dell U2412M. In short, the Dell is an obviously better monitor when you look at the images side-by-side, but in practice you can get away with a cheaper model and still have the benefits of an IPS unless you’ve got a very picky audience (meaning you).

As an aside, I get zero bleed from the Dell, no noticeable lag, and excellent colors … but it also costs a lot more than the two I reviewed.

I picked up the 2312HM on discount last month, and it’s amazing (LED+ISP, 23" 1920x1080). It’s a beautiful monitor at the price range, and I can’t think of anything bad to say about it at all.

This deal may still be going: http://bensbargains.net/taf/dell-ultrasharp-u2312hm-23-ips-led-monitor-229-at-dell-234595/

On this note, can anyone recommend (or not) any blu-ray playing software?

As someone with an almost 6 year old IPS panel (NEC 20WGX2), I still haven’t seen a non-IPS panel monitor that beats it

PowerDVD and WinDVD are usually the 2 only/shitty options still. Well, there’s ArcSoft and Nero. But that’s it I guess. So quaint, when they expected physical discs to be the centre of a media library.

Any recommendations for a 27 inch for gaming (can I piggy back on this thread since the question seems to have good answers already)

I got this, my patience sucks: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001431

The Samsung P2770. Hopefully it doesn’t suck.

Sweet! Let us know what you think of it when it arrives and you get in front of it.

So far, loving it. Now I’m going to have to test it with some of my games. Going from a 22 inch up to this beast is quite a nice step.

I looked at that model, but passed because I need Display Port inputs. I settled on a trio of ASUS VE276Q 27" monitors instead. They should be here Monday.