Led Zeppelin not on iTunes?

I’ve just started using iTunes and I was looking for an old Led Zeppelin song. There is no Led Zeppelin at all on there. Anyone know the reason?

The band hasn’t licensed them for sale on the Internet, so you can’t buy them from any online music store. There are a few big (and a few less big) bands that just aren’t available online, and unfortunately, Zeppelin is one of them.

iTunes has millions of songs to download… except the ones i want. The latest Chart-Busting hit from new sensation Almaya Bigboobs, however, always seems available.

The new Almaya Bigboobs kind of sucks, but the early stuff on Dischord fucking rocked.

Yeah, right. That shit was already sellout-city.

I have the stuff recorded in a garage. Now that stuff was good.

Not available for money anyway.