Left 4 Dead - The Full Game Thread

Director! Your days are numbered!

The game unlocks in a day. Get your full game discussion on here.

And post your SteamID! We’ve got an awesome amount of Friend connecting going on, and the more people from Qt3 add each other, the easier and more fun it’ll be to get a good fun game going.

I’m DoomMunky on Steam.

I’m Hawkeye Fierce on Steam. I may be a bit delayed jumping in with the full game, as I ordered from Amazon with a gift certificate rather than directly off Steam.

Jab[Qt3] on steam, depending on when I pick up my copy (either the sale at Circuit City, or order from Amazon) , means I might not be on this week after the demo ends tonight.

Not One Of Us

What are the team sizes on the full L4D? I’m woefully ignorant of this game and when I try to hook up with friends on Steam, the games are all 4/4. I’m hoping that’s a demo limitation.

can’t wait!

I’m pretty sure the game’s name is Left 4 dead on purpose :) Steam name same as 360 tag.

Nope. It’s designed for a team of four (4 vs 4 in competitive mode).

DocVego on Steam. Ordered the game via Steam so I’ll be ready to roll Tuesday.

In the full version there are 8 player games, 4v4, with survivors vs infected.

ErgoWill, same as Live tag.

Maj.Malfunktion-ill be playing all night tomorrow night, since i’m on call 6pm to 7 am

Podunk on Steam.

Houngan be Houngan, it don’ mattah where he be.

Also, Steam says it unlocks at 1am tonight. Anyone up for a late one?


Horrible Oscar on Steam. Unlocks in broad daylight for me, so I’ll definitely be there!

SteamID = Rizzo

Locked and loaded.

You should probably also understand that this is primarily a cooperative single player game…

ID: Pogo

In a shocking twist of events, my SteamID is Funkula. I just bit the bullet and bought it, so it’s pre-loading now!

I love pre-loads. It’s like a midnight release that you don’t have to wait in line for.

I’m Moggraider and moggraider at hotmail dot com, however you add. I’m canceling my Gamefly sub tomorrow so I can focus on what’s important :).

That’s good news–what with Steam’s problems at launch/unlock times in the past, an early AM live date will probably mean it’s playable later in the day!

And like the location field says, GarDrastic.