Left 4 Dead - The Full Game Thread

Apparently I’m hanzii and will be getting the game tomorrow - question is if I’m only when you guys are.

I’m Vincent19 on steam. Pretty easy to remember.


Argh, that’s 1AM PST right? Add a few hours for lateness and it won’t really unlock until the early morning for those of us not on the west coast.

No way I can do the late night unlock - some of us have to work!

That being said, I should be on Tuesday after 8pm or so.

Jonathan Crane [Qt3] on Steam

Nope, EST. It would be very convenient for Westies, and I may take a nap just to enjoy.


Oh, all right, that’s 12AM my time! I’m gonna be having a fun night tonight!

steam = arogancs

Wait a second, it says 12AM est on the countdown thread on the forums for L4D: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=751397

So is it 12AM or 1AM?

Steam says 12:01AM EST

Ah, good deal. At 3:45 it said “about 9 hours” so I went with 1am.


But tomorrow is a work day! Ironically, I feel a cold coming on…

I will be there at 9:01PST tonight. Zombies going down!

Is the retail server code getting released in advance? If not I’d expect a shortage of servers at unlock time.

I’m rowe33 on Steam…hopefully I’ll be able to get some games in this week. See everyone there!

9:01 PST Yay West Coast!

BlueJackalope on Steam, QT3 and in your hearts.

I may not get this one right away but I’m Creole Ned on Steam. Will likely play after all the east coast WoWers are tucked into bed. :)

I’ve got a question. When we tried to have a LAN party a while back and play TF2, we ran into some problems. Specifically, we couldn’t find a way to host a dedicated server, open to the internet, without an extra license for the game. The friend whose secondary system we were using could not run the dedicated server software on one machine and connect with the full game from his primary.

Now, with TF2, it’s only $20. I could probably at some point pick up a spare copy to host stuff, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a $50 game twice for one playable copy. Is this the way it’s intended to work? Because if it is, that’s pretty damn stupid. On the other hand, if we were missing something, I might be able to host a dedicated Qt3 server.

You could ask AntiBunny, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need a separate license for a dedicated L4D server.

I’m fully pre-loaded, so I’ll probably be playing a few tonight! I’m not sure whether you add me as MikeSofaer or Niche on steam.

triggercut1 on Steam. Woo-daddy!