Left-handers better at games. Also more aggressive

If you combine this with the possible higher aggressiveness on left-handers it implies better FPS performance!

Propose a death match between lefties and righties!

P.S. There will be no flames or trolls on mouse usage. You may use a mouse with either hand.

I’m a lefty, but I won’t fight you.

If I did I’d probably kill you.

I’m a lefty but I’m not better at games than most people I play with/against.

Southpaws have done well in tennis (McEnroe, Navratilova, Laver, Connors, Ivanisevic, Nadal), but this is partly because there are fewer of them, and other players have trouble reading their spins etc. Also, you serve into the ad court on a lot of break points and game points, and lefties can do a nice wide serve into the ad court, more easily than a right hander could.

Not sure if the southpaw advantage applies to other sports too. I heard it does in fencing, but I was a crappy fencer so it didn’t do me much good.

I’m also lefthanded and in most games totally rockin’ the competition, but that could be due to not having a life. Also I’m not playing online, so the competition is reduced to girlfriends, casual gamers and men in their late thirties.

There are totally crappy left-handed pitchers in baseball who have long careers solely because of their handedness. That’s because they become specialists, able to get out left-handed hitters. They have their own acronymn: LOGGY. (Left-handed, one out guy, or something like that.)

In the case of baseball, lefties just have an advantage–primarily against other left handed hitters, unless you’re a freak like Randy Johnson or Johan Santana–because of their scarcity. It’s a different look you don’t see a lot.

Lefty hitters do better against right handed pitchers because they aren’t as intimidated and tricked by their motion, in theory. They also seem able to produce a prettier swing (see Griffey, Ken Jr.).

I’m a lefty and have done a lot of fencing and raquetball, and being left-handed is a significant advantage in both. In fencing, everyone is used to attacking and defending against a foil coming from their left side (opponent’s right hand). When you approach with your foil on the “wrong” side, it can really throw people off (curiously, this is true even if you yourself are a lefty: I am so used to fencing against people whose foils are on the same side as mine, that when I fight another left-handed person we’re both thrown off, despite the fact that our match now looks more like a “regular” fencing match to everyone else).

In racquetball, it works to your advantage in two ways. First, and most importantly, everyone is used to hitting the ball to the left side of the court as much as they can – because for most people that’s the backhand, which is a weaker shot. Even if your opponent realizes you’re left-handed, in the heat of a volley they will often just instinctively hit the ball left because that’s their muscle memory. Obviously, if you’re a lefty, the left-side of the court is your powerful forehand shot. So people end up hitting to your forehand like all the time.

On top of that, lefties have an advantage on the serve. Most people try to serve to the left (their opponent’s backhand) most of the time, but don’t get as much practice serving to the right. When they play me, they have to choose between their refined left-side serve to my forehand, or their not-as-good right-side serve to my backhand. But I (again, unless I am playing a fellow lefty) get to use my practiced serve to their backhand.

I’m left handed but I’ve adapted to using things designed for right-handers (aka everything) with my right hand. Case in point: mouse. I don’t use a left-handed mouse and use the numpad instead of WASD.

Left-handers better at games. Also more aggressive.
That’s because you’re SINISTER.

SINISTAR didn’t have any hands.

No big surprise on the pattern matching results since lefties tend to be right-brained (aka more “artistic than analytical” if I may oversimplify). Interesting about the aggresiveness though.

I’m strongly left-handed but my reflexes suck.

It sucks playing a lefty in tennis too. Have to go cross-court to get to their backhand, etc.

lefties cause havoc in volleyball, too, since everyone winds up blocking a foot over of where he’s smashing.