Left- or Right-Handed?

OK, this thread impelled me to ask: are you left-handed or right-handed?

I usually write with my right, although I can write with either (mirror-image cursive with my left, ftw). I belay with my left. I draw with my right. I mouse with both (but not at the same time). What does that make me?


I write, bat, and golf right-handed. Left-handed otherwise.

If any kind of precision is required, my left hand is essentially useless.

I mouse right-handed, but that’s because I developed an RSI in my dominant hand when I was pipetting in a DNA lab in grad school. Now I can mouse comfortably with either hand.

Otherwise, my left is dominant.

Is this what we’ve come to?

I’m right-handed, but I admit to being left-curious sometimes.

(Please PM me…)

Left handed.

Ambidextrous with input devices.

I agree. Let’s go convene back in fire’s loofah thread.

I fap fap with my left hand, but only so i can mouse/write/eat/Wii/point/drive/shift/cook/clean/type/shave at the same time with my right.

I do it all with the right. My wang has the expected right hook as a result.

I’ve always been left handed, my handwriting is awful with my left hand. And completely illegible with my right.

I write and fap left-handed, play any sport-type thing and use a mouse right-handed, and can draw and shoot a gun or bow with either hand.

Wait, one’s tendency to prefer using one hand to fap over the other introduces curves in one’s penis? Why does no one tell me these things?

There’s altogether too much information being displayed in a thread with such an innocent title.

It really really depends more on the method than the hand used. I’m lazy, and use my left, so I make room for it in the swimsuit area, and tell the boys downstairs to move the fuck over soI can get some room.

Basically, mine pokes right, even though I’m using my left.

Oh come on. I’m hoping Bill will chime in with medical details here, but the curvature or lack thereof of your penis is just the way it is, it has nothing to do with how you handle it.

So… you’re arguing in favor of nature over nurture, I take it?

Well hey, don’t put words in my mouth. I’m definitely in favor of nurture, if you know what I mean.