Left-wing ideology responsible for mass shootings

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My hat’s off to you dude, you may be the trolliest troll that ever trolled.

I foresee great things for this thread. Great. Things.

Give everyone time to gather snarky tweets to post as counterpoint!

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Why the fuck should religion be valued?

Even compared to many of my threads!

But traditional values don’t exist anymore. Family and religion are no longer the center of everyone’s existence. Father’s are no longer the role models they once were. Gender roles are blurred. And who is responsible for that…

Did I do it right?


Left wind?

Terrestrial weather patterns have a well known liberal bias.

I blame wumpus, somehow.

All of those things exist in other countries, specifically those in Western Europe, and they don’t have a gun problem. I wonder what the difference is…

Wind from the Left Coast. California.

Maybe they have asymmetrical butt cheeks.

Yes, this aligns with the point of the post, which was labelled as the point of the post.

My favorite P&R gif is one Adree used to post whenever I attempted to take P&R seriously. If anyone posts it without looking, you win the thread.

No cheating!