Left4Dead: Versus vs. Co-op poll

Don’t post conversation here, go to Left 4 Dead - The Full Game Thread to talk about the game, I’m just curious how people are playing.


PS. This is my first poll, sorry if I screwed something up or violated netiquette or something.

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Definitely Versus. I won’t mind playing Versus with some random pubbers or folks on my friends list, but I’m very selective about who I play Coop with.

Then again, I play Expert Coop exclusively.

Me too. It makes it a tad awkward when you join a lobby and see it’s advanced, or when a game you are in gets voted down to advanced.

Versus with pubbies is painful. Versus with people I know is sublime.

Co-op is better with friends, but still pretty good with pubbies. Though finding a decent group for expert is much easier with friends.

Versus AGAINST pubbies can be fun :)=

Yeah, but even then you have to deal with their idiocy. Like the guy who says “why is this on easy difficulty” in a versus game. Or the jackass who says “pwned” after he pounces on you for half a second before he’s knocked off by another survivor.

I’ve encountered a lot of the brand of idiot who always accuses the survivors of it being on easy (why does this make me suspicious that his team actually is voting it to easy on their turn?), and one guy I played against kept getting upset that he wasn’t getting any points for pouncing on someone even though he got knocked off right away (“OMGWTFBBQ I hit you why dint i crdit for a hit?!?!?!11eleven”).

What crazy modded servers are people playing on that they develop these incredibly stupid preconceptions of how the game works?

I think people just aren’t paying attention most of the time.

I think VS. is the more interesting game, and way more FUN, but it’s almost too intense for me sometimes. Coop just isn’t as frantic and terrifying, and you get the chance to try again. I look forward to VS when I’m well-rested and ready for at least an hour of play, and coop is more appealing when my reaction times are slower and I’m a little out of it.

Well, the default for versus is normal difficulty, and survivors can vote the difficulty down without infected knowing. If it’s on easy, either the survivors are cheating by lowering the difficulty or the server is non-standard.

EDIT: People shouldn’t be asking or suspecting something is on easy. You can just open up the console and tell: if you type z_difficulty you can see what that is set to, or you can just type “differences” and see every non-standard variable.

Definitely co-op. I love Advanced Co-op for a bit of fun and Expert co-op for a real challenge. I enjoy Versus, though not nearly as much. It can be frustrating if the AI messes with your team by giving the opposing team an early tank, but not your team.

Advanced is fun for chilling, but Expert requires a lot of teamwork, so that’s what I play.

Oh, I didn’t even know that. Well, ok, maybe that one guy wasn’t that big of an idiot.

Co-op for me, it’s just great being able to hop into a lobby with a bunch of strangers and bond while fighting for your survival over the course of several hours.

Versus is fun, but it feels far too similar to other games to really maintain my interest. Plus it has half the map selection.

I find it staggering that a developer/publisher so well known for its polished games has allowed so many bloody annoying niggles into their shipping game.

Co-op FTW. Quitch said it right – there’s few other games where, most of the time, you can pub around and miraculously form a 4-headed killing machine from random players all in an hour or so.

Co-op, for same reasons as above.

Co-op, just because it feels unique and different. For some reason, knowing that humans are steering the infected just kills the dread for me and half of the reason to play (zombies!) is gone. It’s just a multiplayer shooter then.

I think I’ll have to go with co-op (on Expert) as well. Even though versus is surely fun with the right setup (4 friends versus 4 pubbers or 4 other friends), it’s a bit too hectic all the time. The brief moments of reprieve in co-op really give the game the correct amount of tension. In versus, I just know that at any moment, and usually at the worst moments, control of the game will be taken away from me completely, and that’s something I don’t find as fun.