Leftist dystopia and an article on China


A brilliant article. This guy’s articles sum up a lot of modern hard right conservative thinking. Notice I did not say “Republican” thinking as many republicans tend to be rather liberal.

Check out the article “Feeding the dragon; the Wests short sightedness towards Red China”


People keep thinking that China will just “come along” now that it has economic ties to much of the world, but what if its just using this economic clout to build up its military? What if China is merely biding its time? No doubt China has that kind of patience. We see that in fact China IS building up its military at an almost alarming rate. When was the last time China used intervention tactics? WHY would China need to build up its military to specifically challenge US power? What threat is China facing that it needs to build up its military to such powerful levels? Why has China been fanning the flames of Chinese nationalism lately? And why the hell isn’t anyone asking these questions?

In the meantime we keep pumping money into China and basically giving them what they need to [possibly] wage war against us in the future. Of course, of course they are becoming capitalists now and China will never be a threat and blah, blah, blah. I KNOW what businesses that depend on China for economic reasons and of course the US governments overly optomistic views are, but China is not our friend. The red Chinese may have changed a few tactics, but I believe they are as “red” now as they have ever been philosophically. Why do we keep pretending otherwise? Or are we now so dependent on China that we won’t be able to counter them until they have us bent over?

Interesting how they defined democracy:
“[ensuring] that the party’s views become the will of the people”

That was apparently in a recent Time magazine article. No, they haven’t changed stripes. They are merely changing tactics.

What threat is China facing that it needs to build up its military to such powerful levels?

Maybe China has the same view of the rest of the world that the US does? It feels threatened by it.

Why is it building up its military in a way thats aimed specifically at destroying carriers and super carriers ala the US navy? I am saying China has a plan and they are building up a powerful kind of navy and air force aimed at fighting a foe like the US military for a specific reason. No doubt the US government knows this- we just don’t know why, how, or when they will strike. It will probably be in the next couple of decades and something tells me it will involve Taiwan.

Look at the spy we recently caught who was giving military secrets to China. Chinese spies have likely been stealing rocket and missle tech from us for the past 20 years. This spy had info regarding the AEGIS ANTI missile system. Think China just wants it for themselves? Sure they do, but its just as likely they need to know how it works so they can counter it. Why would they need to know that if they weren’t anticipating a future engagement with the US? They probably are.

If you think that just having heavy trade between nations prevents wars histroy has proven that SO wrong SO many times. Its utter foolishness to assume such a thing. YET, thats what we keep hearing.

Why is it building up its military in a way thats aimed specifically at destroying carriers and super carriers ala the US navy?

Because logically the biggest threat, perhaps only military threat to China is the US?

I am saying China has a plan and they are building up a powerful kind of navy and air force aimed at fighting a foe like the US military for a specific reason.

It sees the need to defend itself from the US perhaps? In the same way I dont doubt that there are more than a few people in the US military dedicated to figuring out how to defend the US from China.

Why would they need to know that if they weren’t anticipating a future engagement with the US? They probably are.

Can you blame them?

You seem to be assuming that China is preparing to go on the attack, have you considered the notion that the Chinese might consider the US to be an agressive nation that might decide that China has something it wants and will try to obtain that militarily?

Watching a cold war from the start rather than from the end could be quite interesting. Two massive economies, populations and millitaries, both paranoid of the intentions of the other standing off again.

Whoever it is that is smurfing as Gideongamer: fantastic parody man!

Leftist dystopia? Sign me up! This rightist dystopia’s not working out so well for me.

I’m glad to see China arming itself – they’re going to need to defend the free world sooner or later.

The United States Naval supremacy is of such a high degree that until China acquires a sufficient spread of vessels to counter the Aircraft Carriers and submarine threat, every single ship they build is a complete waste of money because the United States can sink them at will with virtually no risk to their own equipment.

At least, that is what the man who briefed Nixon before his visit to China told me.

The whole “What threat is China facing that it needs to build up its military to such powerful levels?” canard has been thrown around a lot in some circles, so it’s not like the question isn’t being asked. I think I heard Secretary Rice say it a while ago.

It’s a stupid question anyway. What is the US so afraid of that it still spends billions more on defense than many nations combined? Are we necessarily planning an aggressive action?

That said, there are lots of reasons to suspect China wants the capability to neutralize our intervention in the Taiwan Straits. It’s hardly shocking. They see Taiwan as their sphere of influence. We disagree. With any luck, the entire rotten Chinese structure will collapse from within before we have to settle it militarily.


Ah, Gideon. Always good for a laugh with my morning coffee. I would simply argue that too much of anything leads to fundamentalism, and fundamentalism is bad for everyone outside the extreme. Just like China being too leftist leads to an overly oppressive socialist/communist society, and you being too rightist leads to you being insane. It’s a delicate balance, 'tis.

“many republicans tend to be rather liberal” :lol:

China wants to be the undisputed military and economic power in south-east Asia.

Put bluntly, the guns are for pointing at Japan, Vietnam and India. The U.S. only matters if the U.S. gets involved in defending Taiwan one way or another, which is rather less likely now than is was a few years ago.

China also wants to spread communism- communism is like a virus with an insatiable appetite. So I guess we just let them take Taiwan? We just let them sell arms and tech to extreme leftist governments in South America and help create communist revolutions? Russia certainly seems to agree with China spreading communism and influence as Russia continues to sell high tech to China. Then again, we all know that while the USSR is dead, communist generals and ex officials won’t mind if China spreads even more of its evil ideology. Russia is not our friend either. Communism has so perverted Russia that it has become so corrupt and tainted I am not sure we will see a full recovery in our lifetime.

I have a better idea. How about the west- ALL of western civilization- get together and slim down trade with China? Cut back trade to the bare necessity. It may happen in the future, but by then it may be too late.

Its interesting that there would be those here who would sympathize with Chian and perhaps even Chinese agression. “Well they need to because THEY see US as a threat and blah, blah, blah.” I am certainly not surprised that there would be those who sympathize and excuse perhaps the most oppressive, evil nation in the world building up its military, its generals threatening to nuke some of our major cities (REMEMBER THAT folks? ), and getting increasingly aggressive towards a democracy like Taiwan. If they weren’t trying to spread a filthy, evil ideology then perhaps we could excuse them. But no, its no better than excusing Hitlers Germany. Thier ideology is just as perverse and arguably just as evil and yet we make them rich! Actually the Chinese have proven to be more efficient in butchering their own people than Hitler ever was.

Thats ok. Liberals were in love with Mao (the worst butcher in human history) during the 60s and in love with Stalin for decades so its no surprise. Many liberals were in love with the communist Vietcong while they were torturing our POWs, so its actually expected. Lets hope China never becomes a threat.


Yeah, trade war worked really well to avoid crisis with Japan back in the day. Rock on… :roll:

The Chinese can EASILY sink anything we send against it using the Russian made SS-N-22 Sunburn anti-ship missile:


" In July 1999, defense analyst Richard D. Fisher wrote an evaluation of the Sunburn. Fisher reported that the Sunburn is capable of a dive speed of nearly 3000 miles an hour, helping it evade U.S. naval defenses.

“The Sunburn anti-ship missile is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world,” wrote Fisher in a review of the Chinese navy."

The missle was specifically designed to defeat the Aegis system. You see, China can pick off even our super carriers at long range.

China is just a dictatorship like all the others. Accpeting “communist china” as literally true is just as errant as accepting “people’s republic of” at face value.

The only good reason for continuing to accept China’s as commie would be if you looked at them as going for a New Economic Policy thing.

(This is more or less the idea that communism must emerge from a fully-fledged, advanced capitalist economy, or it will fail. This was Lenin’s idea, but he died not long after recapitalizing the Russian economy, and Stalin didn’ae like that plan.)

China sure has a funny way of threatening us, like buying our national debt.

Much like stupidity.

Gideon, name a mainstream liberal in the 1960s who was in love with Mao.

Who are these phantom LEEBOREELS you speak of? Nobody liked Stalin or Mao. It’s comments like this that make you into an asshole nobody around here can stand. If you just had a discussion with us instead of inserting your token “ALL LIBERALS ARE HIPPIE JOINT SMOKING MURDER LOVING SCUM” maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to insult your fascist bitch ass every time I respond. Oh yeah, fuck you.