Legacy - Molyneux presents a "Blockchain Business Sim"


Legacy is a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true, an opportunity for players to build their very own business, designing their very own products from a huge array of possibilities as they create a business empire the likes of which the world has never seen!

Owning a Land NFT allows you to start your own in-game blockchain business association in Legacy. You will be able to play Legacy, while earning and owning your gameplay.

Crucially, as a business association owner, you will have access to Legacy Keys. These items can be lent to other people who want to start an in-game business in Legacy, making them your in-game Business Partners. As part of your association, they will share a portion of their earned LegacyCoin with you.

LegacyCoin is the currency that enables the innovative blockchain experience that is Legacy to exist.

LegacyCoin (LEGACY) is a new Cryptocurrency lying on the Ethereum blockchain which complies with the tried and trusted ERC-20 token standard.

Fools. Money. Parting.

Fuck me, we knew he’d be back eventually.

The smart contracts for this better kick a little crypto over to that Scottish guy who finished chipping away at the black cube.

i learned about this a few minutes ago and it got me tears of joy in my eyes. Thank you, Peter, never change!

Yes! This sounds perfect. A way to part fools from their money, and a way for Peter to refund the people who invested in that last Kickstarter that ate his life. And then he can go back to dreaming big.

For fuck’s sake. This is literally a description of a pyramid scheme. There’s not even a pretence of sales outside the downline, like most MLMs do to stay legal. If this were a real world business, it would be prosecuted. There’s no obvious reason why it shouldn’t be as a “game”.

Beat me to it!

For a second I thought this might be some kind of performance art meant to illustrate the evils of rent-seeking behaviors a la Monopoly, but nah. Just the sad reality underlying a guy who had a couple good ideas thirty years ago.

The really depressing thing is it’s not even Molyneux’s idea. It’s exactly the same model as Axie.

I’ve seen how these pyramid schemes work, we all have to get in NOW on the ground floor, right?

Can someone please explain to an alter kocker like me what all of this even means and what he’s doing?

He’s copying Axie Infinity, which is a pyramid scheme built inside a card battling game, using the blockchain. I imagine the gameplay side of Legacy is going to be some kind of crafting/tycoon mishmash, but it’s Molyneux so who knows? And, besides, it doesn’t matter what the gameplay is because everyone’s going to be playing for the tokens.

You lost me at blockchain. And what is an NFT, anyway?

There’s already a blockchain card game. Was pretty good, but blockchain.

Think it was called skyweaver. A lot of the Faeria playerbase was getting into that.

What fucking garbage.

What a coincidence… I just watched a YouTube documentary on Molyneux.

I’m never forgive myself for the time I came back from summer vacation having bought Black & White instead of Tribes 2 like my roommate.

Molyneux and the company behind this are no doubt patting themselves on the back saying, “The fact that legend Peter Molyneux is taking an interest will lend a huge amount of credibility to cryptocurrency games.”

Yet the best way to explain to people who don’t know about crypto games why they are likely to be terrible is: “You know what type of person is working on these crypto games? Modern-day Peter Molyneux.”

Another documentary on the sorts of big dreams Molyneux has been dreaming over the last decade (Curiosity and Godus.)

This post turned out to be more on the nose than intended.

Not Fucking Tenable

Edit - Non-snarky response.

Hahahahaha. Of course!

This makes so much sense, that I started to imagine what other video game figures might be prepping to jump on the NFT train. I immediately imagined Jason Rohrer creating a game where NFTs are your sweatshop employees or something. Turns out, no game yet but some shady NFT dealings: