Legacy - Molyneux presents a "Blockchain Business Sim"

I love this:

Since an NFT is effectively a digital autograph…

No, it’s not.

Hah, good call!

Canabalt and Overland developer Adam Saltsman described the NFT auction as a “a lose-lose proposition for me in the short term.” ”Either Jason does more gross public shit using my art, or else I have to like…talk to Jason, and spend some of my life doing that, which also sucks,” Saltsman told Kotaku in an email.


It’s amazing how Peter has become a snake oil salesman in the land of games. And creatively and intellectually bankrupt. What a loser.

I don’t usually read the comments at Blue’sNews, but this one caught my eye and amused me:

“So, it combines hype, trend-hopping, AND a pyramid scheme? I think we’ve achieved peak Molyneux.”

Out of all the old “Game Gods”, like Garriott, Spector, Romero, Wright, etc…Molyneux has to have fared the worst by far. Beyond anything thought possible. It’s simply incredible.

Happy place… happy place… happy place…


Peter Molyneux’s 22cans studio have sold around £40 million of NFTs for their “blockchain business simulator” Legacy, before it’s been released. The town management game has its own cryptocurrency, of course, and this weekend they sold NFTs of virtual land for real money. The hope for crypto land barons is that they would be able to earn money back from other players through in-game business partnerships.

And though none of the game is even available to players, they’ve almost sold out of Land NFTs. All the plots of ‘Land’ sold so far combined went for the equivalent of over 14,000 Ethereum, or around £40.5 million in real money. The most expensive was a London plot, a limited edition of one at Ancient (artificial) rarity, which sold for the equivalent of about £670,000.

The greed is strong with this one.

A business sim? He’s finally returning to “The Entrepreneur”.

They should just pull the rug now and announce this was a piece of performance art on the topic of greed, and tell the NFT owners that they each own a permanent stake in the moral rights to this unique performance.

This is really annoying though. Why bother writing actual useful/entertaining software when Ponziscams are so much more profitable?

I call bull on that $40 million dollar amount. I feel like with NFT’s you can make up any number you want. It’s like the bored monkey guy claiming he accidentally sold an image for $3,000 instead of $300,000. Molynex could be selling to himself over and over and over again.

I’m all for this. There’s something about a notorious conman continuing to run obvious cons that’s so fascinating to me. Nobody except Molyneux should be allowed to make NFT games.

I presume this is going to be an Epic Game Store exclusive?

That would be a nice touch.

Can’t get review bombed if there are no reviews.

So if you didn’t get in on the initial land rush how/what are you supposed to do? Do you pay for the privilege of being a peon of the land baron class that jumped in early?

As Mark Twain said, “buy imaginary land, they’re not making it anymore.”

I wonder if CRoberts is looking at Molyneux’s idea and his own potentially endless array of Star Citizen planets and laughing like Scrooge McDuck.

CRoberts: How many NTF moons can we fit in Star Citizen space?

Developers: All the moons!

CRoberts: $$$$$$


All aboard the blockchain/web3/NFT hype train! Choo choo!

checks calendar year

Oh. Ok.