Legal comedy gold

Are lawyers always this facetious?

Industry Dwarf

The administrator brought charges on the kid for saying fuck to him?

Also, a fucker and a fucking fag. That last one sinched it. :) Maybe the kid is a delinquent of some stature in the thug community there, but if the Principal did not fear for his safety, the whole charge is stupid. My guess is, though, that this kid was not in the gifted program and on the scholar’s bowl team. I bet this was not his first trip to the principals office either.

Correction: Not just “Fuck,” but “Fucking Fag”

Gawd, that is one hilarious legal brief. I wonder if his secretary or intern had fun typing that one out.

Mo’ bettah.

That’s a great motion. I especially like how he threw in “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones.” A nice “Fuck you” to the prosecutor, as it were.

It reminds me of a tape a friend showed me once. He was a PD, and was defending a guy against an obscenity charge for selling animal porn tapes over the Internet. To show that the Internet had a much higher community standard for offensiveness than the location of the prosecution, my friend compiled a tape of the worst stuff he could buy over the Internet. About an hour of the most profound perversions he could find. I’m still mentally scarred from viewing it, but it was like being unable to look away from a terrible accident. I think it backfired, and his client was found guilty. Oh, well.

Dear God no! People are going to start posting pictures of Furries again.

Industry Dwarf

As someone who has been on the receiving end of some very aggressive ‘fuck you’, ‘fucking faggot’, ‘white cunt’, fucking spastic’, ‘fucking arsehole’ abuse at times, I’m dismayed by the way most people tend to shrug their shoulders and say ‘Well, it’s part of your job. You should have received special training to deal with this.’ The fact is, there are no special training courses which prepare you for dealing with abuse. There are systems in place for dealing with abusive students. There are counselling services for people who need to talk after the attack. However, the only way to deal with this abuse is to take it.
If you were to act on your normal male impulses when a weedy, mealy-mouthed teen punk tells you to go fuck yourself after you’ve busted your arse preparing things specifically for him, well, you would be the one facing charges. Instead you internalise the indignity, follow the discipline process and move on. Never mind that I’ve never seen a discipline policy which involves the student actually making an apology or performing restitution for that sort of behaviour. (It might be too confronting for the student). They just get suspended, come back on a monitoring program and then reenter the class.
For all of you gung-ho civil libertarians, exactly what sort of indignities do you think teachers have to endure in the course of our jobs? Since when did we cast off any rights we had to a safe and secure workplace just so you could proudly state that the constitution allows children to villify, abuse and harrass teachers? What sort of abuse are you willing to endure from your coworkers and customers in your workplace? What sort of abuse would you allow your wife and children to endure? Oh, wait- I forgot- teachers are expected to put up with that fucking sort of shit because that’s part of our job.
Yeah, I had a bit of a shocking day yesterday.

I didn’t say he should have done nothing; the kid deserved suspension. But bringing charges of disorderly conduct? What planet does this guy live on?

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! I think you are reading a little too much into the responses. If this guy is a repeat offender, they could boot his ass into a reform school. I just think calling the law for name calling is a bit much. I have no idea what the whole story is. I was called a fucking faggot and worse when I was a student and there was nothing in place to stop that from happening either. I agree schools have become much more hostile due in large part to shittier parents. Teachers are forced to deal with more and more and administrative officials are too afraid to take a stand because they see a lawsuit in taking any harsh actions.

I, and I believe others, were just commenting on how silly this particular situation is and not making an indictment of principals and educators across the board for being thin-skinned. I respect and appreciate how much teachers do.

Take a breath. There. Feel better? :wink:

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Not that sort of nonesense, certainly. He certainly deserved to be suspended, at the very least. Without knowing the specifics of his record, I couldn’t say more. Legal action seems unwarranted, though.

Places where Fuck is appropriate:
Florida Election Commission, speed eating contest, Public Defender Offices

Place where fuck is NOT appropriate:
weddings, Chuck-E-Cheese’s, District Attourney Offices

I like the office dig too.

If you can’t hack a kid calling you a fucking faggot, you probably shouldn’t be a teacher. It’s just words. People–my clients–sometimes call me names like that and worse. I roll my eyes and move on. As Ty mentioned, how is what happened to that principal any worse than what happens to your average schoolkid in an average week? Shouldn’t we expect a principal–who is, after all, a grown-up–to have a thicker skin than a schoolkid?

I mean, seriously. I just do not get people getting all worked up because someone called them a fucking faggot. Is it annoying? Of course. But any reasonably sane adult should be able to shrug that sort of thing off and get on with their lives.

When I did criminal defense work early in my career, I figured my clients could call me anything they wanted. As long as they paid up front, that is.


Uhh. I hate to be a negative nancy here, but yeah. how about a link to disgusting drawings of nude cartoon creatures of fantasy, instead of forcing those of us who read these forums from work to freak?

I’m gonna have to agree with Pace. Here’s something to cleanse the palette.

That’s different–they have good reason. This kid was just being obnoxious. It clearly doesn’t warrant legal action–that’s just silly–but I also don’t think he should have just shrugged it off. There’s no reason he should allow students to swear at staff.

As Ty mentioned, how is what happened to that principal any worse than what happens to your average schoolkid in an average week?

Well, sure. But unlike the principal, students in the schoolyard aren’t in a position of authority over each other, nor are they responsible for maintaining discipline.

They are in authority if they are Linebackers and you way 87 lbs. soaking wet and have accidentally squeezed ketchup all over their favorite teacher. (Totally fabricated story. I did not get pushed against a locker on pep rally day and I did not have blood smeared on my face by Terry.)

Just words, huh? And you’d defend a slander case with the same excuse?
It’s a pretty poor and screwed up society when the people who are expected to look after and care for your kids are also expected to suffer abuse.

I mean, seriously. I just do not get people getting all worked up because someone called them a fucking faggot. Is it annoying? Of course. But any reasonably sane adult should be able to shrug that sort of thing off and get on with their lives.

I’m sorry if I don’t inhabit the same Mickey Spillane/Two Fisted Lawyer world as you. I believe that verbal abuse is still abuse and I don’t believe that it should be a given as part of a teacher’s job description.
Like anyone trying to argue with others who aren’t in their field, it’s pretty hard not to sound like I’m yelling ‘You just don’t get it!’, but I don’t think you appreciate the regularity with which teachers have to put up with abuse.
These aren’t adult clients under a lot of stress taking it out on you. These are teenagers who have been culturally conditioned to think that it is okay to call teachers abusive names whenever they have their noses out of joint.
I’m glad to see a Principal say ‘Enough is enough’ and lay charges. It wouldn’t lead very far obviously but a message would have been sent to the school community. I wouldn’t doubt that the vast majority of teachers at the school would have supported him.
Today our Federation had a 2 hour stop work meeting to discuss salaries and violence in the classroom. It seems to be a popular topic. (Not the salaries of course- apparently teachers in the US are paid almost twice as much as us in Australia. All of our State Governments have pretty well agreed to sit on all pay rises for teachers. Bastards.)

Almost. Sorry for appearing thin skinned. If it weren’t for the many directives about supporting the NSW Department of School Education in public media, I could probably tell you how I really feel. :twisted: