Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I think you need to wait for the prompt. But after the first couple guys I was able to skip most of it entirely.


Good. I will probably return to the place in the future. I don’t have arrows and I am probably ill-equiped for this.


I struggled with it on the Wii U when I played it, then beat it in one shot on the switch when mine finally arrived. This is the easy way to do it.

Put on stealth gear/eat or drink a stealth thing. Sneak up behind first guy and kill him from behind. Shoot down banana across from the door he is guarding to lure the second guy away from the door. Go up ladder and grab a shit ton of bananas. Walk on the scaffolding, drop a banana down in front of the guy guarding the door, drop down behind him and enter that room. You are finished with the stealth. Figure the rest out from there.


That’s almost exactly what I did, MattN.


I just sauntered in, climbed up and grabbed treasure when appropriate, jumped down and started tossing/rolling bombs into corners opposite me, then just sprinted to the next room rooms when they’d go investigate.


I bought that house from Jolanda… way overpriced if you ask me for 3000 … now I have a weapon (I could use) hanging on the wall and a dead carp on the floor (will check if I can store items on the floor with that fish).
Was it a bad investment?


After the house was built, one of the builders goes on to do other things that I’m assuming wouldn’t happen if I didn’t build the house.


right, he is expanding a new area… is that going to be important?


Yeah, the hideout was a tad frustrating, as the stealth mechanics seem a bit buggy. It isn’t clear how much sight-lines and vertical sight the guards have. Died a few times to “really? You saw me there?”

But I basically stayed overhead the whole time. One weird glitch, I had left a bomb over in the first area, where I snuck past, and I accidentally set it to detonate, and the guy from the first room “saw me” on the rafters in the second room, through the wall. Weird.

Also, that section should just reset/throw you out rather than kill you. It just takes longer, at least the autosave is good.

The “boss battle” afterwards is hilarious, however.

I am now inside a giant camel.


Yeah, there is a new city being built in Akkala, you can visit there to give materials, and there are rewards tied to that. Only happens once the house is purchased.

3k rupees felt like a lot, but cooking is lucrative.

5 apples cooked = 50 rupees.

And, there are plenty of gemstones to sell. My tip, now having gotten to where you can spend those, keep at least 5-8 of each, other than the diamond.

Which, spoiler alert, the item on sale that can be crafted with diamonds, the circlet… can be found in a chest somewhere really cool.


Mining is my main source of income, all gems are easy enough to come by that it makes no sense to horde any. Just stamp rich ore areas and stone bad guys on your map and you can easily be rolling in the rupees.


Me too. And again in a boss battle. Seems to be kind of Dark Souls-ish, but slightly easier because I can dream of finishing it, maybe. The second stage seems easier once you understand that you can *********.


I found the Master Sword, but did not acquire it.

I did what I thought I needed to acquire it, and it didn’t work, and then I looked online and it turns out getting the sword has nothing to do with what I thought the game was telling me to do. Did anyone else have that experience? Perhaps I just skipped over the dialog and misread something.


[spoiler]I could’ve sworn either the Deku tree or one of the Koroks was telling me that completing the Korok Trials quest was a necessary step to pulling the Master Sword from the stone.

Nah. Turns out all you need is 13 hearts, nothing else to it.[/spoiler]


I never got the idea it was koroks. Always seemed clear to me I needed enough hearts.


Well, they did heavily hint that “if you can do these 4 trials, you should be able to succeed here too”… but yea, it was all about hearts. I did the trials at at half the number of hearts I needed and had to keep upgrading and coming back until one day it just worked.


Well, the Hyrule construction industry seems a mite dodgy.

Many Rupees out of pocket to kit out a nice abode, and they can’t even put in a decent ‘comfy’ bed.

Then I get up in the morning (bereft of bonus hearts), and to add insult to injury the builders are still camping out on my lawn! Come on fellas, move along … or I’ll have to start charging you rent.


Why would they leave an all day sucker such as yourself?

Oh… you want doors!!! That is gonna cost you too.

A real Tom Nook vibe coming off that guy. A lot of other vibes too…

(I love that character)


I just wish there was a “pimp my house” button instead of making me slog through dialogue and cutscenes and waiting for him to sit back down again.

I’m at the point where I’m ready to beat the game, I want to beat the game, my wife definitely wants me to beat the game, but I also don’t want to beat the game…I feel like wandering around with the 4 beasts freed and with my master sword in hand is just wasting time.


I am many hours in and enjoy the game a lot, travelling cross country, searching shrines, fighting monster camps, looking for krogs etc… all the side quests. And now I have the task to find those 12 memories …I really want to live in this world… but I still have no idea how to make fire! I have flintstone, I have wood … when I hit the stone there are sparks but they do not light the wood. Should I use fire slimes ?


Drop a wood and a flint, and hit with metal weapon. Fire!