Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Thanks for all the replies. After reading through this thread and the disappointing games one, I decided to order it from Amazon, where it’s on sale right now for $45. A year ago, I never would have thought I would become such a Nintendo fanboy.


Buying one game, arguably one of the best games of all time, doesn’t automatically make you a fanboy. That comes later… when you’re hitting up all the gaming conventions cosplaying as Gerudo Link.


I probably also need to know what “Gerudo” is to be a fanboy. Soon enough, I’m sure.


I’m among the dissenters but wouldn’t deter anyone from playing it purely because the joy it has evidently brought so many far outweighs the possibility of bouncing off it and moving on to something else. I hope it clicks with you like it has for most folk @Dissensus!


I never finished this on Wii U and I told myself I would, and I definitely wasn’t going to rebuy it for the Switch unless I’d finished the Wii U version and the digital version for Switch was discounted.

But right this minute I’m very tempted to rebuy it for the Switch. Please stop reminding me how good it is.


One of the races in the games, comprised almost exclusively of women.


I started it on the Wii U and I could tell it was a fantastic game.

I am playing it on the Switch now and it may be the best game I have ever played. I have played it almost entirely on the handheld on my couch. At least, I think I’m on my couch, because it feels like I’m sucked through the wardrobe to Narnia when I’m playing it. Tonight I was in an impromptu joust with a black goblin and it was so great that I was cheering out loud.

My only concern is that no other Switch game is going to live up to BotW.


And most famous exception to that “mostly female” rule is none other than the main antagonist. ;)


I’m kicking myself for forgetting the Gerudo theme for the music thunderdome.

It’s, possibly, my favorite theme in the entire series. Also, dude, spoilers! How come you’re revealing spoilers for a 20 year old game, that just ain’t right ;)


Well, in the games where Ganondorf appears in his humanoid Gerudo form, it’s quite clear that he’s the antagonist from the first moment you see him, so it’s not really that big a spoiler.

I think mentioning the King of Porkness (link) form though might be a spoiler.


Hell yeah! That’s one of the best pieces of music they’ve ever done. I love the versions that are in Smash too.


Heh, the link in this spoiler shows up visible for me in IE11. I’d report it, but wumpus would just tell me to upgrade my old-ass OS that is riddled with security holes, and I can’t take that kind of abuse today. :(


Just edited it to try and make it spoiler free even if the link is revealed. Can you check if it worked please?


Yeah it’s just link text that isn’t properly blurred in this rickety old browser. Looks good.


I wonder if mentioning Link is a Legend of Zelda spoiler? ;)


Wonder if the designers had any idea this could be done when they finished with the game.


That’s some crazy fast travel!


Okay, so Breath of the Wild is pretty good. It’s easily my favorite Zelda game.

I finished off the tutorial area last evening and have been exploring the wider world this evening. I’ve found a few shrines, climbed a few towers, killed a bunch of those goblin things, and am now working my way toward the first village to get the last rune ability (the camera one mentioned upthread, I assume). It’s mostly clicking with me so far. I doubt it will end up being my favorite game or even in the discussion, but I’m glad I bought this. I love climbing a tower, looking around and thinking, “oh, that looks cool,” and then making my way toward whatever I saw. It nails that feeling of exploration I was hoping for.

I also like how minimal much of the game is. The map and HUD aren’t cluttered and there’s surprisingly little hand-holding compared to other open-world games. It gives you just enough information to keep you on track (assuming you want to be on track) without overburdening you with markers and arrows. I’ve read some people complain that the world feels empty, but it feels about right to me. One of my problems with The Witcher 3 was how you would come across something every few steps. Here, things are more spaced out, giving you time to breathe and stroll about. Frankly, it could stand to be a little less busy since that was what I was expecting. The restrained score’s not bad either, coming and going and making use of silence the way the world itself uses emptiness. I would still like for the colors to be more saturated, but the art style doesn’t bother me, it just doesn’t impress me that much.

Also, the combat is more fluid so far than The Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls. I haven’t fought any ‘bosses’ yet, but I expect it will hold up fine when I do. Based on the first few hours, I’m thinking it’s a bit below The Witcher 3 overall, but a class above Skyrim (and Oblivion, et al.). I often lose interest in games around 10-15 hours, but I’m feeling confident that Breath of the Wild will be an exception.


I’d be interested in what you think after some time off the plateau.

Random advice:

when you get stamina vs heart upgrades, choose stamina if you’re into exploration.

Consider turning the HUD off.

Approach stuff the way you want to.


That’s the best thing about Breath of the Wild is you can play however you want. So many solutions are available to whatever obstacle you want to take on. You can even decide to just not take them on! I got all the shrines and memories and finished the main quest. I’m soon going back to do the DLC. I tinkered with it a little bit, but I want to see it through. It’s such an incredible place to visit.