Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Call me surprised they haven’t done the $20 greatest hits thing yet. Have they done it with any first party games on the Switch at all?

Nope. All still MSRP at launch prices. Mario Rabbids is always on sale, rest not very often and not for very much.

Yeah, if you ever see a Nintendo first party game on sale, try to grab it. Chances are it will never be that price again. If I see this game on sale for $40, I’ll probably grab it, even though I likely won’t get a Switch for the next two years or so.

And boom price drop to $45 atleast :)

Walmart, Target, Bestbuy for physical
Walmart Digital

Still not ready to commit. One day the mood and right price will converge and I will make it mine. We call this Tendolarity. It’s rare in Nintendo land but glorious when it happens.


I grabbed Mario Odyssey for $47 from Amazon a couple weeks ago. That seemed decent. I’m not sure my kid is ready for BotW though. I figured Mario would provide a little more structure without being too complicated. There’s also Age of Calamity but eh…

Surfing through this old thread. Thought this comment was funny.

Funny how? I can still see it being out this holiday.

Anything’s possible! And I did say ‘probably’… ;)

Listen to the QT3 podcast to have a glimpse into the twisted and dark daily gaming life that Telefrog’s is! It explains so many things :O

I’ve tried a few times … it’s not for me. :)

Is the DLC worth it? I could stand to go back in, if it’s an ok spend of £20.

This is strange phrasing - are you saying it’s a game you could “tolerate” playing again? Then I’d skip the DLC, if that’s the case. Play something you’re more into; time is a resource.

It’s not.

The hero’s path view on the map is neat. Not game changing or anything, but a cool visualization. The korok mask is invaluable. Seriously it makes korok seed hunting so much more enjoyable. It has become my default helmet for running around.

The armors are… there? The treasure seeking aspect can be ok, but the armors themselves are mostly just easter eggs.

For the actual story missions I have yet to do any of them.

No no, I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but there’s so much other gaming to be had, I want the content to be worth treading old ground, that’s all. The DLC description, the marketing that should be selling you on the stuff, manages to make it feel underwhelming. No new areas or dungeons that I can tell?

There are some new shrines, a theoretically harder (but not really) replay of some old stuff, and a new dungeon. The dungeon is pretty good, but it’s still in the BOTW style, so it’s disappointing for those of us hoping for one “old-school” type dungeon.

The sword trials is one big dungeon think Eventide island.

There is also several special shrines and dungeons for the champions balad.

They are late game content and only unlock after the divine beasts. The only reason I haven’t done them yet myself is I am combing through and unlocking all the areas and shrines I can while collecting the armor chests.

I intend to move on those this evening, and will let you know.

The Sword Trials feel so out of place and context they just are like a turd stuck in the butt’s hairs of my wonderful little experience through this game.
Seriously, spare your game this thing.

Korok collecting? Don’t turn one of my favourite games into some Ubicrap, Craig!

I know someone who’s not getting a back-of-the-box quote!

Oh the 900 korok seeds are excessive and I can not stand the ubification.

However I will note one significant difference between this and the standard Ubi implementation, they are often tied to some environmental observation or puzzle. So these aren’t Ezio collecting feathers simply for reasons.

I definitely have thoughts about this game, and will share them once I complete it. Some good, some bad, and no way is this game perfect. Or would I ever consider it the best, or my favorite, Zelda game.